Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eight Months With Betsy

EIGHT months with our little sunshine have absolutely flown by.  It's true what "they" say - it gets harder and harder to remember what life was like before she was with us.  Watching her little personality develop has been so much fun.  She is a weeee bit sassy, but still oh-so-sweet.  

Still no stats this month, but I can't wait to see how she's grown when we go for her 9 month checkup in August.  

Eating: Milk 4-5 times per day (6:30/10:00/2:00/6:00) and solids twice per day (10:00/5:00).  B is still a good eater so far and has been loving trying more fruits and veggies and even a bite or two of meat and carbs here and there.  We went to breakfast with two of my friends from Mississippi at Breadwinners, and Betsy was a big fan of their blueberry muffins.  New foods this month included yellow squash, eggs, blueberries (in plain form in addition to the muffin!), and probably some others that came via the baby food medleys she eats at Tammy's during the day. 

Sleeping: No big changes here, and despite me thinking surely we are headed 2 naps a day, Betsy is holding strong with 3 naps - one longer nap mid-day and two shorter naps in the morning and late afternoon.  Bedtime is between 6:30 and 7:00, and she's up for the day around 6:30.  

Awake time:  Rolling, rolling, rolling, and her newest trick: getting up on all fours.  On her 8 month birthday, she was so close to crawling, but she didn't actually crawl for the first time until July 14 (three days after turning 8 months).  Saturday morning coffee walks are still one of my favorite parts of the week.  Betsy's love for dominoes knows no bounds, and a pile of dominoes will keep her occupied for quite a while.  Other favorite things include our electric toothbrush, splashing in the tub, BOOKS (specifically turning the page), and doorstops.  

A grainy pic, but this was the first time she figured out she could do this. 

Annie had delicious foam letters at her house, and thanks to Amazon Prime, now we have our own. 

(spoiler alert: domino towers were her sole motivation for crawling at first) 

Highlights: Austin's first Father's Day was a definite highlight this month.  Betsy is so blessed to have him as her daddy.  He is wonderful with her, and as much as I cannot wait to get home after work each day, I'm so glad they have their one-on-one time together when he picks her up and feeds her "supper" before I get home.  Our Fourth of July celebration in Livingston was another highlight this month (more about that here)!   

Happy Father's Day to the world's best daddy. 

killing me with the leg pop -- I think she's a morning girl like her mama...  

first dip in the pool with Master P 

We love you so much, sweet girl!  


  1. What a fun month!! She's doing so much now and is still as adorable as ever :)

  2. So sweet! I love her little swim suit- adorable!! Happy (belated) Father's Day to Austin!!