Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Belated Fourth of July Recap

August is just three days away, but I'm rewinding a few weeks to recap our Fourth of July holiday weekend at my parents' house.  We continued our tradition of celebrating America's birthday there this year, and the addition of Betsy and Porter made the festivities even more fun.

B+P in their matching Annie's Originals

Mom and Dad outdid themselves with the food, per usual, and this year Mom even had our daily menu on display in the kitchen (#thingsyoucandowhenyouretire).  It's a good thing no one in my family is a vegetarian since we managed to enjoy brisket, ribs, pork tenderloin, sausage, chicken, and quail over the span of three days - and all in smoked/grilled form, I might add.  This weekend had all of my favorite things to eat in the summer.  

When we weren't eating, we were playing with Betsy and Porter inside on a pallet (Betsy discovered her new favorite toy - dominoes) or outside on their twin swings or in the baby pool.  I die over these pictures of their first swim - cutest thing EVER.

Next year they MUST HAVE matching swimsuits. 

sweet boy doing so well with his sitting

 finally rocking her bikini from the Easter Bunny

true to form, Betsy had to check Porter out with just that one little finger

Porter: not so sure about this setup!  

a little post-swim swing time 

inaugural swing at Annie & Pawpaw's house - so festive (#redwhiteandbetsy) 

taking Annie's red wagon for a spin

learning to play 42 - we're hoping she'll be a pro by 2035 when she heads to Aggieland 

We all went to church on Sunday morning - Betsy's first trip to CBC in Livingston - and Betsy and Porter got to meet lots of hometown friends!

It was the best summer weekend with my favorite people (and favorite foods).  So thankful for our country and time with those we love to celebrate our freedom.  


  1. What an amazing July 4th! Betsy and Porter are so cute together - so much fun they're so close in age! Love the new blog design too!

  2. LOVE that y'all all get together at your parents for the 4th! Such a fun tradition. Love your mom's menus each day, so cute and festive!! Porter's face in that one picture of them in the pool is killing me!!!! They are so stinkin' cute together!!