Monday, June 5, 2017

Betsy at Six Months

Now that we are one week away from Betsy's 7 month birthday, I am finally getting her 6 month post up on the blog... we took 6 month photos with our favorite photographer, Molly Coulter, last weekend, and I'm so excited to get those back and share in a separate post.  But, until then, here is a very belated 6 month update on our favorite happy girl.

Stats: As of 5/18/17 at Betsy's 6 month doctor visit, she weighed 15 lbs, 1 oz (27% -  despite her cheeks and arm rolls, she is apparently a petite little thing!), was 26.5 inches long (50%), and her head measured 42 cm (33%).

Eating: Betsy still eats four or five times each day, usually at 6:30, 10:00, 2:00, 5:30, and 6:30.  Sometimes she only eats once in the evenings when I get home from work.  She does pretty well taking a bottle during the day at 10:00 and 2:00, but I don't think she loves it.  She seems to take more from a bottle when we give her one on the weekends than she takes on the week days, but every day is different.  We waited until her 6 month appointment until we started solids, so that will be in next month's recap!  As you can see, she has mastered sitting in her highchair and is ready for the good stuff.  

Sleeping: Bedtime has moved up a bit because she is usually just struggling to stay awake by about 6:30.  I hate that I only get to spend about an hour with her after work during the week, but I know as she grows, her bedtime will move back a bit.  Usually I feed her as soon as I get home, we might play or read a few books, then do bath around 6:00, then maybe a short feeding before putting her in bed around 6:30.  She usually sleeps until we wake her up at 6:15 or so the next morning.  Getting her out of bed each morning is just the BEST - she is so happy in the morning!  As far as naps, she is still holding strong with three naps each day.  On a good nap day, she gets about four hours of sleep throughout the day from her naps.  On a perfect nap day, that looks like a one hour nap at 8:00, a two hour nap at 11:00, and a one hour nap at 3:00.

Awake time:  Betsy gets SO proud of herself for rolling - right around the 6 month mark she figured out how to roll as a means to get somewhere, and she can get to just about any toy on the floor by rolling.  She cracks herself up, and rolling usually produces a lot of squealing, too.  Walks, books, and her swing in the front yard remain favorite weekend activities for awake time.  Her exersaucer is still a big hit as well.  

Highlights: Betsy's first tooth popped through on May 7th, just a few days before her 6 month birthday.  She now has two bottom teeth, and is more interested in her Sophie teether than ever before!  Of course her first Easter was a big highlight (blogged more about that here), and her baby dedication one week later was such a joyful day (more about that here).  We took our first trip to visit Birdie and Bud in Austin at the end of April.  She did so great, and it was tons of fun to introduce her to William when he and his parents (our good friends Billy and Carly) came over to play!  Betsy also got to meet her future BFF, Quinn, and squeezed in another visit with her buddy, Knox when we had a fun dinner with his family in early May.  We can't wait for more play dates with all these sweet babies to come!

Can't handle the cousin sweetness! 

Two proud daddies and their girls!  Can't wait to watch these two grow up together.

Thankful for this friend and her willingness to answer all my "first time mom question" texts!

While our weekends are extra sweet, and we try to take lots of pictures throughout Saturday and Sunday, sometimes during the week we don't get a chance to do much more than snap a quick picture on our way out the door in the morning.  Here are a few of my favorites from this month.

Austin usually reads Betsy a quick story from her Jesus Storybook Bible in the morning while I finish getting ready - I love overhearing their "conversations" from down the hall.

One evening before bath time for little B.

Before church one Sunday.  BTW, how do you keep a baby on a nap schedule and still go to church?!  So hard!  It seems mutually exclusive to be at church all morning and have a happy baby all afternoon right now, but I'm sure this too shall pass!

Happy six months, sweet angel!  Back soon with month seven... 

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  1. I say it every month, but she is a little doll! I love that selfie of you two; just precious! And of course I'm always happy to answer your first time mom questions! Keep 'em coming. ;)