Friday, April 21, 2017

Mary Katherine's Aggie Ring Day

My youngest sister celebrated a big Aggie milestone earlier this month when she received her long-awaited Aggie Ring.  Betsy and I wouldn't have missed it, so we loaded up and headed to College Station for Betsy's first trip to her future college (wink, wink).  Despite a lot of car time, Betsy did great on the drive down and enjoyed being strolled around campus.  It was so fun to be in Aggieland with her and with my family to celebrate Mary Katherine's big day!  We are so proud of you, MK.

We all went into the Association of Former Students Building with MK to actually get the ring, and once she had it securely on her finger, we went outside to take some pics on the porch.  Betsy and Porter were probably both beyond ready for a solid nap, but they tolerated the craziness pretty well all things considered!  


We rounded our our quick trip to Aggieland with a delicious barbecue lunch at Rudy's, then Betsy and I headed to Livingston to spend the night with my parents before our long drive back to Dallas on Saturday.  It was a quick trip, but I'm so glad we got to be there on such a special day for our MK.  Welcome to the Aggie Ring club, MK!


  1. Congratulations, Mary Katherine! Love her dress, BTW, and the family pictures are so sweet!

  2. What a fun tradition!! All of the guys from work who went there still wear theirs!

  3. Love this so much (and your pictures are precious!!!)! My husband and I volunteer each Aggie Ring Day to hand out rings - it's truly the best volunteer job ever! Gig 'em!