Friday, April 21, 2017

Five Months with Betsy

It's April 21, and Betsy turned 5 months old on April 11.  I absolutely cannot believe that she is only weeks away from being 6 months old - that's half of a year!!  What?!  Good gracious, time has been flying by, and we just become more and more smitten with this little angel each and every day.  

Stats: No stats this month as we (hopefully) won't return to the doctor until Betsy's six month checkup.  I say hopefully because Betsy has her first stuffy nose right now, which is absolutely heartbreaking!  She is not running a fever, and her spirits are good, so I'm praying she'll kick the runny nose soon.  

Eating: Eating remains one of Betsy's favorite pastimes, as evidenced by her epic thigh rolls!  She eats at 6:30 am, 10:00 am, 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm, and 7:00 pm.  Still working on consolidating those two evening feedings into one, but we're not quite there yet.  We are planning to wait until she turns 6 months old before trying anything other than breast milk, but I do have some baby oatmeal in the pantry ready to go!  I picked up some bowls and tiny spoons at Target last weekend, and I'm getting so excited to start experimenting with food with her.  

Sleeping:  Betsy is still sleeping great at night (from about 7:00 pm to 6:20 am).  Most mornings during the week we have to wake her up so that I can feed her and get her dressed and get us out the door by 7:00, but on the weekends sometimes she will sleep until 7:00 am or later if we let her.  She is still taking three naps a day - a short nap at 8:00 (45 min to an hour), a longer nap at 10:30/11:00 (2-3 hours), and a short nap around 4:00 (45 min to an hour).  She is also still doing great with putting herself to sleep (PTL!).  Most of the time, she rolls over onto her tummy to sleep and finds her two favorite fingers on her left hand to suck (cutest thing ever).  She scoots all around her bed, and it is not uncommon for us to find her in the morning with her head facing the opposite side of the bed from where we laid her down the night before.  

And sometimes she falls asleep like this after she eats at 5:30... the sweetest.

Awake time:  We still love reading books and going for walks, and Betsy is still a huge fan of her exersaucer in the evenings while Austin and I get supper ready.  Bath time remains a big highlight of each day, and we recently brought Betsy's highchair down and have found that she seems to enjoy sitting there and watching us in the kitchen.

Sporting her seersucker on Masters Sunday. 

My favorite picture this month.

Coordinating with our pal Preston in plaid at dinner. 

Rocking her sunnies on a sunny Sunday. 

New trick: sticking out our tongue.  Encouraged by Daddy, of course. 

Betsy's favorite two fingers - no idea how she contorts her arm like that, but it is non-stop. 

First park trip!  Very unimpressed with the swing. 

The cutest crossed ankles - I die! 

Highlights: Betsy's fifth month brought her first trip to Aggieland, meeting her GJ for the first time, my 30th birthday, her first trip to the park and first time in a swing, multiple visits with grandparents, more trips to the church nursery, and countless sweet smiles from our best girl.  It has been a wonderful month, and we are constantly in awe that God blessed us with this precious daughter!    



  1. Oh, she is just precious! Can't wait to see her next month. Praying y'all get to feeling better!

  2. My favorite girl! Loved seeing y'all yesterday!

  3. Betsy is seriously the cutest baby!!! That is amazing she's doing so well with sleeping!!