Sunday, April 2, 2017

Betsy in Bluebonnets

Being the good Texans that we are, we found a beautiful patch of bluebonnets this weekend and plopped Betsy down right in the middle of them for a roadside photo shoot.  Betsy was absolutely fascinated with the bluebonnets, and despite all our best tricks, we could barely divert her eyes from the pretty flowers.  Thankfully, we still got a few sweet pictures of our little Texas baby!


  1. Beautiful pictures! That dress is just adorable and perfect for the occasion. I always tell my husband I want to visit Texas in the spring so we can make pictures with the blue bonnets lol!

    1. Thank you!! The bluebonnets are worth a trip for sure!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I love this Texan tradition. Betsy's dress is super adorable :)

  3. So precious! Love her sweet little blue dress! Where did y'all find this patch? Ours was totally off the side of 635 in front of the Sleep Experts. *Insert monkey covering its eyes emoji here.*