Friday, February 10, 2017

Five on Friday - Vol. 55

After a long Five on Friday hiatus, I'm happy to be back to my favorite weekly link up today!

Betsy and I are headed out this morning for a walk with our buddies Lindsay and Preston, but with the chilly weather outside, I'm not so sure our "walk" won't turn into a breakfast date.  Either way, we're looking forward to a morning outing and seeing some of our favorites.  Here are five of my favorite moments from recent weeks.    

1: We took Betsy to church for the first time on January 31, and it was so fun having her meet all of our Sunday School friends!  Our church was having a special "Baby Day" for all the babies born in 2016, so Betsy got to meet lots of her future friends as well.  She hasn't been to the nursery yet, but that's right around the corner, I'm sure.  Of course a bonnet and a sweet baby cardigan trimmed in pink were totally necessary!  

2: My sister gave me the Lindsay Letters coloring book ("Sweeter Than Honey") for Christmas, and it arrived a few weeks ago.  This week I finally sat down during one of Betsy's naps and did a little coloring - so fun and relaxing!  I can't wait to do more.

3: One of Austin's former co-workers and her husband stopped by the other night to meet Betsy, and they brought her the CUTEST monogrammed bath robe.  I mean I just cannot deal with how adorable this is!  As if I needed another reason to love bath time.  And what a great gift idea (that I definitely plan to copy).

4: February is even sweeter with this little love bug in head to toe pink!  Today's to do list includes ordering an 8x10 of this picture to frame for the house.  And I'm thinking I need one for my office too...  

And the cutest outtake from yesterday's little photo session--

5: Betsy's Annie gave her baby bed a sweet dose of LOVE last time she was here, and I'm loving the Valentine's flair it brings to her nursery.

Happy Friday!



  1. She is just a doll! So glad we got to meet her earlier this week. :)

  2. That bathrobe is so cute! And such a great idea for a present! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness, Betsy is the best dressed little girl - so adorable in that church bonnet and that robe is just too much! I think the place where you got her bedding keeps popping up on my facebook and I happen to click on it sometimes... lol I LOVE that pattern you have for her bumper - so pretty! Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

  4. Betsy is so cute!!!! You look fantastic!!! I love the crib!! So so so sweet. Happy weekend, girlie!! -Sara