Sunday, January 22, 2017

Betsy at Two Months

Two months with our girl have absolutely flown by, and she just gets more fun each day.  This two month update is over a week late, as she turned two months on January 11, and she didn't get a one month update, but maybe by February I'll have it together enough to do a timely update!


At her two month appointment, Betsy weighed 11 pounds, 6 ounces (65%), she measured 23 inches long (74%), and her head circumference was 39 centimeters (57%).  


Thankfully, breastfeeding has been going well for us so far in Betsy's short little life.  She gave me a little anxiety recently when she started eating much faster, but after tracking her diapers for a few days and talking with our pediatrician, a lactation consultant, and my friend who is a nurse practitioner at Betsy's pediatrician's office, I am convinced she is just getting more efficient.

I'm forcing myself to pump at least once a day to try build up as much of a stockpile as possible before I go back to work.  Pumping is kind of a drag, but this is just a short season!  I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much about how long we'll be able to continue exclusively breastfeeding once I go back to work, but I want to try for as long as we can.

Right now, Betsy eats six or seven times a day.  She eats about every three hours during the day, and once at night.  I'm so glad to be done with the early days of waking her up to feed her!


I'm absolutely convinced we lucked out with a good sleeper.  We certainly haven't done much in the way of sleep training or followed any magic formula (I tried to read Babywise and got major anxiety a few pages in).  Betsy has recently put herself on a schedule of three naps a day and she pretty much sticks to the routine of being awake for about an hour and a half to two hours between naps.  Normally she will go down around 7:00 p.m. after her bath, wake at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. to eat, and go back down until close to 7:00 a.m.  During the day, her naps vary in length with the first morning nap being the shortest and one of her other two naps being a longer nap (two or three hours).    

Right now, Betsy sleeps swaddled in her PBK Halo Sleep Sack (arms in).  During the day when she gets sleepy, I swaddle her, give her the paci, we walk a few laps around the house and rock a little bit, and she goes to sleep with minimal fussing.  She does NOT like the paci unless she is tired and will basically act as if I'm trying to poison her if I offer it to her when she is wide awake.  She tolerates being rocked to sleep in the evening but really prefers being walked to sleep.  She will occasionally take a nap in her Rock & Play, but most of her sleeping is in her baby bed in her room.  She has slept well in her Pack & Play when we've taken her to my parents' house.    

When she starts school, she will have to be able to nap with her arms out of the swaddle, so we need to start working on that transition.  I ordered the Magic Merlin Sleep Suit today in hopes it will aid in this transition a little bit (and I'm told she can also wear it for naps at school, PTL).  

Awake Time

When she is awake, I love to take her on walks and read books to her.  She seems to really enjoy being outside.  We also try to squeeze in tummy time sessions throughout the day during awake time, which she hates.  Hoping she will grow to tolerate tummy time better in month three!  She seems to enjoy sitting in her bouncer for short amounts of time, and she likes her play mat as well.  I'm excited for the day she starts reaching up to grab the little hanging critters.  She has kicked them a few times, but I'm pretty sure it was unintentional.

Betsy adores bath time and would watch us pour water out of her hot pink cup for hours.  Even though I'm told babies don't need a bath every day, Betsy gets one every night because she likes it so much and because I really can't stand the thought of putting her to bed without one.  She is so smiley and chatty after her bath these days.  There's not much cuter than this little angel in a hooded towel.  

Highlights of Month Two

Betsy started smiling around one month and has just recently started letting out a few laughs here and there.  She is cooing more and more every day, and it is so stinking adorable!  I could listen to it all day.  Her smiles are THE BEST.

The child is a candidate for sunglasses if I've ever seen one.  She does a full body contortion if we dare allow the sun to shine on her face for even one second.  It is hilarious but makes walks on sunny days a bit of a challenge.  Evening and cloudy day walks are most definitely her preference.  A little bird told me that a pair of Babiators might be on their way to her, and I really hope she will tolerate them on her face!   

Right now, Betsy loves it when Austin reads her Snuggle Puppy and Barnyard Dance.  I think she also likes my reading of Goodnight Moon before bed.  Peter Rabbit, various nursery rhyme books, and the Jesus Storybook Bible are also favorites (by favorites I mean she has tolerated us reading them to her so far).  She also seems to like her little pink ladybug we named Lily - it was the first toy she grabbed on her own.

Betsy met more great grandparents this month when some of Austin's grandparents traveled to Dallas to meet her!  We had a great visit with them in early January.  Betsy is a very loved little girl with so many wonderful great grandparents.

The weather in Dallas has been crazy during Betsy's second month of life.  She saw her first snow on January 6, but she has also enjoyed some 70 and 80 degree January days.  She was not impressed by the snow (or the wind), but we had to document it!

The day after her great snow adventure, Betsy came with us to a baby shower for her soon-to-be BFF, Quinn.  We loved celebrating the McDonalds and their baby girl on the way!  Betsy did so good at the shower, and I think it was at least due in part to the adorable outfit she was sporting.  

And just a few more of my favorite pictures from month two...


  1. Such a little doll! Girl, we totally bathe{d} our babies every night because, like you, I can't stand to put them to bed without a little bath. And how wonderful that she has put herself on a schedule -- what a relief to y'all I'm sure!

  2. She is adorable!!! All of the pictures of her are just so cute!! That yellow dress is just darlin'!!!! Love the snow pictures too, so great that you are documenting everything to look back on. YAY for Betsy putting herself on a sleeping schedule, that is so nice (for everyone lol).

  3. Aw Betsy is so adorable and looks just so cuddly! So glad everything is going so well :)