Sunday, November 22, 2015

Early Thanksgiving in Dallas

Ever since we were engaged, Austin and I have had the Thanksgiving/Christmas rotation down pat.  This year happens to be our year to spend Thanksgiving with my family and Christmas with his.  While we always end up celebrating Christmas with both sides (one just a week or two early or late), we've never doubled the Thanksgiving fun until this year.  Austin's parents came up to Dallas in mid-November, and we loved hosting them for an early Thanksgiving at our house.  

Austin's first time smoking a turkey was a smashing success, and we had most of the Thanksgiving classics.  Thankfully, Suann brought her yummy dressing, because I have definitely never attempted that.  Cranberry relish stole the show for me, per usual.  I forgot to take a picture of our pumpkin pie with cinnamon whipped cream, but it was a highlight as well.  And, I may have gone a tad overboard with the pumpkin as we also had pumpkin rolls with our meal, but, tis the season!    

This was the perfectly timed warm up for this Thursday, and we are still working to polish off our leftovers.  Best of all was getting to double up on Thanksgiving celebrations this year with our families.  

Be back soon with a post recapping our fun weekend trip to Nashville for the A&M/Vanderbilt game! 


  1. Your table looks beautiful, as usual! How fun to host a thanksgiving meal!

  2. What a fun pre-Thanksgiving!! Your dining room is beautiful!!