Sunday, September 13, 2015

Labor Day in Houston + September Happenings

Labor Day weekend took us southbound on 45 to see Courtney and Tyler in Houston.  Casey rode down with us on Saturday morning, and we all had a great visit!  

We got into town just after noon on Saturday, and our first order of business was a tour of Courtney and Tyler's new house.  They picked a good one, and one super fun aspect of their house is all of the huge fruit trees in their back yard.  I was a little jealous of their orchard, especially their great lemon trees!  It is fun to be on this new homeowner journey with them.  Hard to believe we are coming up on one year in our house.

After our house tour, we ventured out for a late lunch at "Jus' Mac," a restaurant that has every type of mac and cheese one could ever want.  It was such a fun spot.  We all loved our gourmet mac and cheese that came in the cutest little skillets.  


Someone (maybe me) thought we also needed dessert, so we found a darling little cupcake shop and had a sweet treat to round our our lunch.  

Tyler chauffeured us around town after our cupcake stop, and we got to see Courtney's school and more of the area around their house.  Back at home, we settled in for a long evening of football watching.  Austin was pretty much beside himself with excitement.  We played a few card games, and before we knew it, it was time to watch the Aggies play Arizona State.  

Courtney and Tyler whipped us up some tasty game watching treats including spinach artichoke dip and barbecue chicken pizza - two of my favorites.  I may have taken a few naps during the game, but I did wake up just in time to see the Ags win.  What a great start to the season!

Sunday morning we grabbed smoothies and went for a super long walk at a nearby park.  After all of our indulging on Saturday, it felt good to get outside and work up a sweat.  Austin, Casey, and I hit the road to head back to Dallas around lunchtime and were back in Dallas that evening.  It was a quick trip but so good to be together with both of Austin's sisters, and Tyler, too! 

Nothing too notable to report from last week, but this weekend was definitely not short on fun, although it was sadly short on pictures.  Friday night we loved celebrating our friend Emily's 30th birthday at a fabulous surprise party planned by her husband, Jaime.  It was a great night for one of our most favorite people!  Saturday we helped Buddy, Suann, and Casey move Casey from one side of Dallas to the other.  I think she is really going to like her new apartment, and it is looking so good already.  Saturday night brought the return of game night with Trip and Lindsay after a brief hiatus.  Trip and Lindsay fixed a delicious dinner (including a pretty epic cheese board to start - my favorite), we played a fun new game (Ticket to Ride - I want to add it to our collection ASAP), and the Aggies won again!

I think that about brings us up to date in September.  This weekend I ordered a few fun things for the house, and I'm looking forward to kicking planning into high gear for Katey's baby shower that I'm hosting at our house in October.  Mom and I had a great brainstorming session several weeks ago, and I am really excited to see everything come together.  I need to post more about our shower plans soon!         

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