Monday, May 4, 2015


A quick weekend recap on this Monday morning -

On Friday night, Austin and Casey got all fancied up and went to Newsies downtown at the Winspear.  Don’t they look adorable?!  I stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing, which is truly my favorite way to spend a Friday night. 


Saturday morning was full of errands and chores around the house, and then Saturday afternoon brought perfectly sunny skies for Austin’s office’s annual picnic.  There was a petting zoo with adorable soft bunnies, a rather scary turtle (tortoise?), and even some llamas!  And apparently neither Austin nor the crazy looking llama could keep their eyes open for a picture. 


It really was the perfect day for a picnic.  On our way out we were gifted a darling navy and white striped cooler bag stuffed with all kinds of summer fun, including some sweet shades.  Car selfies ensued, of course (at red lights only!). 


Sunday morning was church as usual, and then we grabbed a quick lunch at Potbelly with some friends before heading to the Rangers game that afternoon with Trip and Lindsay.  Sadly, the Rangers lost (again), but the sunshine and the company were delightful! 


Sunday night we continued our new tradition of dinner and Downton with the Romans.  I love our Sunday suppers!  We took pizza casserole over, and Emily fixed a salad to go with it.  Austin absolutely loves pizza casserole, so he was quite pleased… and he’s pretty excited for lunchbox leftovers this week.   

I made some fun cards on Saturday as well, but I’ll have to hold off on sharing those – we have two birthdays to celebrate in our family this week and two amazing mothers to celebrate next weekend.  Speaking of birthdays… I reverted to my old ways of complete obsession of all things Royal Family this weekend with the birth of the Princess – I will constantly be refreshing Twitter today to find out what her name will be! 

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  1. What a fun and full weekend as well as filled with lots of sun and outside time - those are the best! I'm loving the looks of your dress for the office party!

  2. Warm springtime baseball games are great! Glad y'all got to go to one (even if your team lost)!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! I love going to baseball games ;)

  4. A night at home with no plans is my favorite way to spend a Friday night also. (:

  5. Your picnic/car selfie outfit is so cute!!! Please share the details!

  6. Such a perfect weekend because baseball! The petting zoo is too cute, and loving those sunnies :)

  7. Such a fun weekend! That llama is so funny! What a random animal at a petting zoo picnic lol

  8. Ahh! I LOVE the Newsies... I am not going to lie, I have the Newsies CD and still listen to it every now and then, haha!

  9. Newsies on Broadway in NYC was my favorite! Such a fun show!