Sunday, April 26, 2015


Unlike the past two weekends, we did not do much that was photo-worthy.  Actually, Austin was in College Station Friday-Saturday, so I did a lot of Food Network watching and magazine reading.  My sisters allegedly saw Austin riding around campus in the back of a truck…  Meanwhile, the most exciting moment of my weekend was discovering that the Walmart close to our house has started carrying Duke’s. 

After The Kitchen was over on Saturday morning (love that show!), I made some pimento cheese for a Sunday school party yesterday afternoon.  I’ve pretty much been looking for an excuse to make some since The Masters.  I think I’d like to go to The Masters for the pimento cheese alone.  And the azaleas.  We have a ton leftover, so I see a lot of pimento cheese sandwiches in our future, which sounds like a week of good lunches to me!  


When my parents were here for my birthday, my mom brought me a starter to make bread.  So far I’ve made plain and cinnamon.  I’ve got two loaves in the oven right now, and it smells pretty divine.  We’re delivering one to friends tonight and keeping the other to eat with our pimento cheese.  It’s been a fun little adventure!  Thinking I’m going to attempt cinnamon rolls next.   


Rounding out this food post, I got to have a fun lunch date with my friend Tiffany at Rise last week.  I adore Rise, and this was my first time trying their famous marshmallow soup – delicious just like everything else I’ve ever had there!  I especially love the Rise No. 1 salad. 

April 20151

Maybe this week will bring with it a little more excitement and a few more bloggable moments… we shall see!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Weekend: Crawfish, Cards, & Bird Charms

We had a great weekend with some of our favorite friends from Austin in town.  Thankfully, the weather held out and was downright gorgeous for our crawfish boil festivities on Saturday.  Billy and Carly and Kyle and Kayla all braved thunderstorms and drove up to Dallas Friday night.  Austin and I were at church for a men’s conference when they arrived, so Billy and Carly came and helped out with that for a little bit before we all headed to our house and finally went to bed (the men’s conference lasted until 11:00 – aka way past my Friday night bedtime).  Billy and Carly came bearing gifts – of course I died for the bird charms… I have been in love with those since seeing Carly’s last summer!


On Saturday we had tickets for a crawfish boil at The Rustic.  The weather was perfect, and the crawfish were delish. 

IMG_5335 B C in Dallas IMG_5329 B C in Dallas1

Carly and I left the crawfish boil around 4:00 to head home and start getting ready for dinner.  We had everyone over that night for burrito bowls and ice cream. I think there were ten people at our house that night, which it the biggest group we’ve ever had over – it was a great time! 

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Billy and Carly at Company Cafe before they headed back to Austin and we headed to church.  I made a few cards Sunday afternoon and we just enjoyed being at home before heading to Jaime and Emily’s for supper and an episode of Downton.  All in all, a pretty perfect weekend! 

April 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Boerne & Bluebonnets

Wednesday is a touch late to be recapping our weekend, but I haven’t found a spare minute to sit down and blog since we got home on Sunday afternoon from a fun little weekend road trip. 

We had a wedding to attend Saturday in Boerne, TX, so we picked up Matthew and Mallory in Fort Worth bright and early on Saturday morning for the trip.  We avoided I-35 (best decision ever) and made our way down on smaller roads that were dripping in beautiful Texas bluebonnets.  Our first stop was the Koffee Kup in Hico for breakfast.  So good!  Austin and I also made it a point to stop here on our trip to Fredericksburg a few years ago. 


We made it to Boerne just in time for a small power nap before it was time to head to the wedding.  I think I say this every time I blog about a wedding, but the reunions with college friends are so fun!  We got to see tons of friends at this wedding, and we had a ball catching up with everyone. 


Matt and Laura’s ceremony and reception were both beautiful – the ceremony was a Catholic mass and their reception was at the Don Strange Ranch (amazing!) complete with bridesmaids in cowboy boots, brisket tacos, an avocado and salsa bar, and truly delicious cake. 


We sure have been to a lot of weddings together since ours in 2011! Good thing he is a pretty fun dancing partner. 

After the wedding we stayed up visiting with friends in the lobby of our hotel until way too late… I’m still not sure how I stayed awake that long, but it was so fun.  Sunday morning we went to breakfast with Matthew and Mallory, and our friends Jon and Megan who live in Houston and Jared and Amber who live in College Station.  We found a cute little cafe in some hill country town and stayed there visiting until after 11 a.m.  Finally we all had to hit the road, so we loaded up to head back to DFW with the McDonalds. 

Mallory and I insisted on a quick stop to grab some pictures in a huge field of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush on the way home.

IMG_2198 IMG_5311   IMG_5316 IMG_5319

I will spare you the rest of the bluebonnet pictures I took, but gosh, Texas in the springtime is a pretty sight.  We’re still playing catch up and we have no groceries in the house, but the weekend fun was most definitely worth it.  Now I’m off to the grocery store…

Hoping to pop back in tomorrow with a post since Ashley nominated me for a Liebster award earlier this week!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had such a great Easter weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior!  Church yesterday was so powerful.  Thank you Lord for defeating death!  I need to rewind a bit to recap our full weekend… 

My office was closed on Friday, and it was a great day of Easter weekend prep filled with doing productive things around the house, grocery shopping, kitchen prep, and an afternoon walk.  I found some cheery blooms at Central Market, and they are still going strong! 

IMG_5269   Easter4

Saturday morning Austin got our yard weekend ready and I finished our brunch preparations while we waited for Buddy, Suann, and Casey to arrive.  If you’re fixing brunch any time in the near future, I cannot recommend PW’s baked french toast enough!  It was so decadent and delicious.  We also had yogurt, granola, fresh berries, sausage balls, and iced coffee. 

IMG_5275 Easter IMG_5285


After brunch we headed to the Katy Trail for a walk and to enjoy the gorgeous spring day we were having.  It was so so nice outside!  We strolled up and down Knox street and popped into some shops as well.  We ended up at La Duni for a little caffeine stop before us girls got our Easter pedicures. 

Easter1 Easter3

After pedis, I introduced Suann and Casey to the amazingness that is the Swoozie’s store in Preston Center.  We could have probably spent hours in there perusing all of the fun things, but we eventually left to head home before dinner.  We went out to dinner and then all had a pretty early night after a long, fun day. 

Sunday morning the weather had taken a turn, and it was chilly, overcast, and drizzling.  Since I’m pretty sure that I’ve never been warm on Easter Sunday, yet I insist on a sleeveless Easter dress every year, this was no surprise.  We headed to church for one of the best Easter services I think I’ve ever been in.  Gosh, I just wish I could have bottled that service up – the music, the sermon, the huge response at the invitation – what a glorious morning it was!  I know I say this all the time, but we are so incredibly thankful for our church and the great work God is doing through First Dallas locally, nationally, all over the world.  We loved having Buddy and Suann in church and Sunday school with us! 

IMG_2172      IMG_2167

After church we came back to our house for lunch.  We devoured our deviled eggs while the rest of lunch finished in the oven.




On our lunch menu : hash brown casserole, corn casserole, turnip greens, ham, and rolls.  None of it was particularly photogenic, but it was all pretty tasty!  Suann brought an assortment of cute mini cupcakes for our Easter dessert, and we had fun sampling the different flavors.


Buddy and Suann left after lunch to head back to Austin, and Austin and I both took a nice long nap.  There’s just nothing better on a Sunday afternoon!  We went for a walk around our neighborhood after we woke up and then came inside just in time to watch “A.D.” followed by Mad Men.  We really enjoyed A.D. and plan to add it to our Sunday night line-up.  Mad Men was so dang weird (as always). 

Hope your Easter weekend was a good one and that everyone has a great week!

Friday, April 3, 2015

5 on Friday – Vol. 51

Happy Good Friday to you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.


Somehow I’ve let an entire week slip by without blogging – definitely did not mean to do that!  My office is closed today, and my mentality all week has just been to make it to Friday.  I’m so glad to have today to clean, cook, run errands, and get ready for the weekend!  My in-laws are coming tomorrow morning to spend Easter with us, and we have a fun weekend planned.  But, before we get to this weekend, I need to recap the past few days!


Last Friday I posted about my iPhone case dilemma, and a friend from my hometown who also reads my blog reached out to me and offered to send me her tortoise iPhone 5 case.  Thank you, Vicky!  She sent it last weekend, and it arrived on Monday.  I am totally obsessed with it, and it was exactly what I was wanting!  The adorable packaging on top of how sweet Vicky was to reach out just made my week.

March 2015


Last weekend we had a really fun but busy Saturday – we ran in the 4 mile Easter Run that our church hosted and helped with tear down for that. Then we had a little bit of time at home to get cleaned up before heading to the Music Hall at Fair Park for a dinner and showing of “The King and I” thanks to our friends Joshua and Audra.  Although it was a late night, going to musicals is not something we normally do, so this was a fun treat!





I can’t wait to get into the kitchen today and start prepping for the weekend.  I am fixing brunch for us tomorrow morning when Austin’s parents arrive, and we’re having Easter lunch here after church on Sunday.  I’m excited to try this PW French Toast Bake for our brunch menu.  Easter lunch will be old favorites like ham, deviled eggs, potatoes deluxe casserole, rolls, etc.  Gosh I love deviled eggs.  Every time I make them (which is usually about two times a year, max), I wonder why I don’t make them more often. Can’t wait!



I’m definitely going to attempt to locate some perfectly pastel tulips today to recreate this on our table for Easter weekend.  And I can’t wait to break out my birthday napkins again!




Happy Easter!  Adorable card courtesy of my mom, the queen of cards.