Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekending – Still Chilly in Big D

Backing up to Friday, the snow started mid-morning, and by that afternoon DFW was covered in a blanket of beautiful fluffy snow.  Of course, that meant the roads were in a state of total chaos!  Thankfully, Austin and I both made it home safely and a little bit earlier than usual.  We camped out at home Friday evening most of the day Saturday due to the icy state of things outside.  The part of the Arboretum where I was scheduled to volunteer closed due to the weather, and I was thankful not to have to get out Saturday morning. 

February 20151

Saturday morning we made French toast and cooked bacon in the oven.  I followed that up with lots of hot tea.  Being stuck at home forced me to unpack the last few boxes we had full of random office stuff from our move in the fall.  Feels good to finally have that done!

February 2015

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday evening, and thankfully the roads were in pretty good shape by then.  Loved getting to see some college friends who were in town for the weekend!  The only picture we managed was a red light selfie.


Sunday was church as usual and then home for a cozy afternoon.  Our friends Jaime and Emily and their precious daughter Cecilia came over for dinner (and to feed our Downton addiction – they brought us season 4!).  We had chicken pot pie, which is really just my favorite excuse to use my cute aqua ramekins.   


IMG_5125  February 20152

I was nothing short of thrilled to flip my calendar page to March this weekend.  I always love the start of a new month, but March is the month where we will hopefully get some springtime weather!!  Happy almost spring.  Next weekend the Easter decorations are coming out!  

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  1. Glad you enjoyed such a lovely weekend, Emily! Congrats on unpacking the last of your boxes!! :) Love your cute ramekins! Have a beautiful first week of March!! xo

  2. Okay, I have those same ramekins in green and any time I can make something in them, I get so excited. It is kind of pathetic, honestly. I just bought a kitchen blowtorch so I can make mini creme brûlée in them. Kets hope I don't burn my kitchen down!

  3. ADORABLE aqua ramekins!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
    Glad you had such a good wknd!

  4. Sometimes I love being stuck at home and forced to get much needed things done. Although, up here in the north I think we’ve been stuck at home enough this season.
    Love your earrings from the wedding!!
    The aqua ramekins are so cute and the chicken pot pie looks delicious!!

  5. LOVE the little bowls you cooked your put pies in!! Way too adorable!

  6. we have gotten so much snow in Boston this year! Its out of control....chicken pot pie is my fav!

  7. Even your red light selfie is beautiful! I love chicken pot pie and I am SO ready for some spring weather too. I am daydreaming about sundresses!

  8. You're right, those blue ramekins are just precious! Glad to hear you survived the snowpocalypse :)