Monday, March 23, 2015

Colorado, You Were Good to Us!

Our feet are back on Texas soil after five days in beautiful Vail, CO.  Much to Austin’s delight (and relief), my first time on skis was a success!  We had a wonderful time with our friends Billy and Carly, and we’re already planning next year’s ski adventure. 


We skied for three full days, and thanks mostly to my awesome ski instructor, Rob, by day 3 I conquered some green runs at the top of the mountain and even part of a blue run.  Both Carly and Austin came and skied with me during my ski school adventures, and I’m so glad they did!  Carly and I spent a good chunk of day two at my beloved Gopher Hill, which was basically the easiest run near the base of the mountain. 

Vail Village is so charming and exactly what I imagined a cute ski village would be like!  Thanks to a recommendation left in the comments to a previous blog post, we tried Sweet Basil one night for dinner, and it was so tasty.  Thank you to the recommender! 



I couldn’t get enough of the gorgeous Colorado mountains, and I went a little picture crazy on day three trying to soak it all up!  The glory of God’s creation is so evident in a place like this.   

IMG_5232 IMG_5228 IMG_5236 

IMG_5235 IMG_5226 IMG_5238

I finally rode the gondola on day three, and I couldn’t believe how gigantic and expansive the mountain truly is!  There was so much I couldn’t even begin to see down at Gopher Hill. 


We walked over a cute little bridge to cross this stream each day headed from our hotel to the slopes. 


Thanks for the great memories, Vail! 


  1. Vail looks so pretty! It’s great that you got the hang of skiing so quickly, not easy!! The mountains just look gorgeous!

  2. WOW! Such gorgeous pics!! I'm glad you had a great trip! i'd love to visit sometime but not sure I'd do with the skiing part! ;)

  3. Looks like a great ski trip!! Vail is so beautiful! My husband really wants to go there during the summer one year

  4. Glad that you had a successful skiing adventure! Those pictures are spectacular and even though I'm so ready for summer, they make me want to go somewhere with snow :)

  5. Vail looks absolutely beautiful! Great job on mastering the green slopes! So glad you all had a wonderful time <3

  6. I absolutely love Colorado, and your pictures look amazing!! I haven't been to Vail, but it is certainly on my to-travel list!

  7. How amazing is Colorado?! Your trip looks fabulous! Xo, Stephanie