Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice Days in Dallas 2015

Winter weather has made its way to Dallas, which means the city has pretty much shut down completely.  Yesterday morning brought quite a bit of sleet and freezing rain that created a layer of ice over just about everything.  My office was closed yesterday, and Austin worked from home because the roads were so dangerous.  We stayed warm inside most of the day with apple bran muffins and hot chocolate, but we decided to test out our new ski clothes and take a little walk mid-day. 

Ice Days Ice Days2

It was fun to see some touches of ice/snow on our house and in our yard for the first time!


We made it to our neighborhood park on our walk, and I was so sad for the poor ducks – don’t you just know they are so cold? 

Ice Days3 IMG_5048 Ice Days1

Yesterday afternoon I spent a little time making some blank cards for our verse of the month. Austin and I started memorizing one verse each month last year.  It was probably the only resolution we actually kept in 2014, and we are trying to keep the momentum going in 2015.  Last year we just jotted the verse on an index card, but I wanted some slightly cuter cards for our verses this year.  Washi tape and card stock to the rescue!  The cards live on a little ring that hangs on our bulletin board near the kitchen. 


My office is closed again today, and I just heard on the news that we’re expecting 2 – 4 inches of snow tomorrow morning.  Eeek!  Maybe I can get some blog posts stockpiled to avoid another week+ of no posts… and it probably wouldn’t be the worst idea to tackle my ironing pile.  Stay warm!!  


  1. Looks like a fun chilled day.. I wanted a snow day but in Florida that is probably not going to happen :( I hope you stay warm

  2. I wish our snow days were likes yours... and not 24 inches worth! lol

    But I loved your scripture verse cards. I remember started that with my daughter and then for some reason we stopped. I need to dig them back out. :)

  3. We have our first snow day here today but it is really just freezing rain. I'm itching to see our house covered in snow but I'm not quite sure it will happen this year. We will see!

  4. Those muffins and hot chocolate look delicious and a perfect remedy for the cold weather! Stay warm! Xo, Stephanie

  5. Your snow say looks like a lot of fun!! Stay warm!

  6. I love the Bible verse idea… me and hubs need to try that! Y'all got more snow today didn't you?! I have a friend from home that lives in Dallas :)