Monday, January 5, 2015

A Chilly Start to 2015

On Wednesday and Thursday of last week, we “celebrated” the new year with a movie (Unbroken), an early night in (we’re such party animals), and a leisurely day at home on January 1st.  I spent the first day of 2015 in my pajamas all day, and it was heavenly!  We cooked a late breakfast of eggs, biscuits, and bacon and an early supper of a new black-eyed pea dish and cornbread.  (Also pictured is seven layer dip from Sunday for the Cowboys game.)

January 20152

Our pace didn’t speed up a whole lot this weekend as we eased into 2015.  Saturday brought another day at home marking off things on our to-do list, catching up with Casey once she made it back to town, and going for a run on a trail near our house.  We did break away from the house for a fun brunch with friends mid-morning. 

On Sunday, we enjoyed church and Sunday school and then Casey came over for a bit in the afternoon to show us her latest skill – crepe making!  After the tasty crepe she fixed us and the seven layer dip, we were quite stuffed.  

January 20151

The temperatures plunged on Sunday in Dallas, and we bundled up all yesterday afternoon.  My darling husband doesn’t like to turn the heat on any more than absolutely necessary.  So my hands have pretty much been numb for 24 hours.  Thank goodness for blanket scarves.  Don’t let Austin’s picture fool you –this is just him being nervous watching the Cowboys game. 

January 2015

Happy first full week of 2015 – stay warm! Linking up for Weekending with B loved Boston


  1. This cold is ridiculous! I was looking at my Timehop & I moved down to Houston 3 years ago yesterday...I had a status from 3 years ago today that said I was out on my balcony because it was 73 degrees outside...I woke up this morning to a 20 degree windchill! Bring back the heat!

  2. Did you love Unbroken?! Such a great movie!!! It's going to be freezing here this week so I definitely feel your pain!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. All your food looks delicious! I also stayed in my pajamas all day on the 1st - a great way to start the year :)

  4. Sounds like a great first couple days of 2015! Girrrlll, I totally understand about being cold! I have a blanket wrapped around me like 24/7! How was Unbroken?! My boyfriend wants to go see it when we have a spare moment, which is like never.

  5. That dip sounds amazing. Easing into the new year is the way to go! Also, I'm all the time wearing my blanket scarf! xo

  6. mm the food looks fabulous and ya'll look like us in our home bc hubby liked to keep the thermostat on 50! hahaha