Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekending: The Christmas Parties Begin

The December party circuit is officially here for us, as I’m sure it is for most people right around this time!  Backing up just a bit, we had a relaxing rest of last weekend in Austin after Thanksgiving before coming back to Dallas and getting our house decorated for Christmas.  Yes, we are those rare people that wait until after Thanksgiving these days! 

Loved having brunch in Austin at Russell’s before we left town – always good to catch up with our friends there!


We don’t have a whole lot in terms of Christmas decor this year – just our tree, two stockings, a wreath on the front door, and two or three decorative things scattered about.  I’d love to do a garland on our staircase one of these years, but that is not happening this year.  I need to get my act together and at least snap a few pics of the tree… our 2014 ornament should be here this week, so maybe once that finishing touch is added, the tree will be photo ready (I talked about our ornament tradition here). 

Some undocumented highlights of last week included a successful trip to Ikea, Austin’s office Christmas party (he started a new job on Monday after Thanksgiving!!), getting our Christmas cards mailed out, and slowly but surely chipping away at our long, long list of “to dos” for the house. 

Saturday night we had our Sunday school Christmas party.  I love a good Sunday school party!  We dined on delicious food, wore our tackiest sweaters, played hilarious party games, indulged in all kinds of s’mores by a gorgeous fire pit, and just to round out the fun, I may have even fallen asleep for a little cat nap on our friends’ couch once the clock struck ten.  Those that know me know this is not uncommon. 

IMG_4683Austin being a total grinch and not wearing a tacky sweater.

IMG_4689Love these girls!

Linking up for Weekending with the lovely Biana today.  Here’s to another week of festivities and to [hopefully] taking more pictures!



  1. I love tacky sweater parties - sadly I've yet to go to is that possible?! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...and yes all the parties have begun!!

  2. Those sweaters are epic haha - cheers to the holiday party season!

  3. I love ugly Christmas sweater parties! I need to find a new one.

  4. heck yes to those sweaters!!! Happy Monday!

  5. I love tacky Christmas sweater parties they are so fun!

  6. Whenever I need a tacky Christmas sweater I always hit up my mother she has the best ones from the 80s!