Friday, November 28, 2014

Five on Friday: Vol. 43

Happy Friday after Thanksgiving to you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness!  


ONE: Thanksgiving, of course!  We had a great day yesterday in Austin celebrating with Austin’s family.  The food was delicious, and although I didn’t manage to take many pictures, we have some fun things planned for the rest of the weekend that I’ll hopefully remember to document.  My bourbon chocolate pecan pie was a hit (probably more so with Austin than with anyone else, but I do love making things he enjoys eating!), and my plate was filled to the brim with all of the usual suspects. 


TWO: See how happy Austin and I look in the above picture?  Be glad that there is no photographic evidence of what happened on Wednesday night when we got to town, and I realized that all of my clothes for the weekend got left in Dallas…

Austin left work earlier than I did on Wednesday and was in charge of loading up the car before picking me up from work and heading out of town.  I will say that he did a great job packing us a sandwich for the trip and loading the food we were bringing as well as our luggage.  BUT, the hanging clothes I laid out Wednesday morning - aka everything other than workout clothes I planned to wear all weekend - did not make it in the car. 

There were almost tears, but I realized what a huge #firstworldproblem this is and managed to keep those at bay.  Thank goodness for Super Target.  We hit up Target late Wednesday night when we got to town and I scooped up three dresses that will get me through the weekend.  Silver lining = new clothes. 

Honestly, it was far better for this to happen when we are visiting my in-laws in Austin than my parents in their small town.  I’m fairly sure I would not have been able to go somewhere at 9:00 p.m. in the town where my parents live and find clothes to get me through the weekend.  Again, thank goodness for Super Target and in-laws who live close to one!! 

THREE: My agenda for the rest of the weekend includes addressing our Christmas cards and putting together my Christmas list.  Our Christmas cards double as a moving announcement, and I adore them!  Can’t wait to share them on the blog once they get to some special mailboxes.  Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I’m giving myself permission to really get into the Christmas spirit.    Envelope inspiration (left = faux calligraphy I did with a Sharpie for MK’s birthday card//right via). 

Blog Randoms2

FOUR: We are planning to decorate our house this weekend when we get back to Dallas, and I can’t wait!  We are making the switch to a pre-lit fake tree this year after three years of real trees from the Dallas Farmers Market.  This should expedite the tree decorating process in a major way. 

In the new house, my decorations are pretty much exclusively in the blue and/or green family.  I have neutrals, blues, and greens, and that’s it.  I got this wild hare to only decorate in blues, greens, metallics, and neutrals for Christmas, and I think this might be the last year red makes an appearance in our house.  With the move being so recent and Christmas being just days away, I’m not going to buy all new Christmas decorations this year, but next year I’m pretty dead set on eliminating the red.  Austin thinks this is totally grinch-like, but I think I will loooove it.  Am I crazy?! 

Christmas Inspiration image sources: gift/wreath/ornament

Christmas Inspiration1 image sources: collage/tree/garland

 FIVE: New favorite holiday nail polish = Essie “Plumberry”  The perfect cranberry color for my favorite part of all holiday food – cranberry relish!



  1. love that nailpolish color! I might have to keep a lookout for that one! and have fun decorating! I actually put all my Christmas decor up BEFORE Thanksgiving, which is a huge no-no in my family, but hey, I like to break the rules sometimes! ;-)

  2. I love your handwriting. I have to get on the ball with our Christmas Cards this week. Hope you have a great week!