Friday, November 14, 2014

Five on Friday: Vol. 41

Happy Friday to you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness! I’m so glad to be back after a crazy few weeks of moving adventures. 


ONE: Last night my friend Kylee and I braved the frigid temperatures and went to see the Dallas Arboretum’s new 12 Days of Christmas exhibit.  It was so beautiful!  Our attempts at a selfie while juggling our much needed hot chocolate and being outside in the dark all failed miserably, but I got a few good pictures of some of my favorite days. 

November 2014

 three french hens//four calling birds//and maybe my very favorite, five golden rings

photo 3

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I highly recommend the 12 days exhibit!  I love going to the Arboretum in the spring for Dallas Blooms and in the fall to see their pumpkin display, and 12 days is the perfect winter addition.   

TWO: It has been such a treat having my sister-in-law Casey living in Dallas since October.  I love that she can just stop by and visit, and so far we’ve managed to get together at least once a week.  Last week Austin was out of town, and Casey came over with some pore strips – it was a wild night!  This week, she came over for hot chocolate and scrabble.  I think next time both she and Austin will want to play a different game since I completely smoked them.  And I’m maybe not the most gracious winner when it comes to board games…   

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THREE: This year’s version of the polar vortex has descended upon Dallas, and all I want are hot drinks all the time.  I’ve been on an afternoon tea kick at work lately… loving this vanilla chai.  I also randomly found the lemon peppermint from a Birchbox, and that was a delicious surprise.  My office has a Keurig, and the little hot chocolate pods they have for that are also so yummy – would it be weird for me to bring a ziploc of marshmallows to work?!

November 2014

FOUR: Saturday we are College Station bound for the Missouri game and to celebrate my sister’s birthday!  My parents will be there as well, and my mom is bringing fresh apple cupcakes – cannot wait!  I have no idea what I’m going to wear to avoid freezing to death since I hear the frigid temps have also made their way to College Station.  


FIVE: Maybe it is Thanksgiving right around the corner, but this time of year just makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook!  Next week we are having friends over for supper on Monday and Thursday, and I’m excited about getting to spend some time in the kitchen this weekend and next week for that.  Just since last weekend we’ve had potato soup, 15 bean soup, and I have some lentil soup going in the crock pot right now that I can’t wait to try tonight for supper!  Next week I am branching out and not fixing soup.

Cheers to soup + hot tea weather!  Happy Friday!


  1. It is sooooo cold here right now right!!!??? My parents in Philadelphia are having nicer weather than us. I have a plans to make a dark hot chocolate with sea salt this weekend, maybe I'll be a little warmer if I drop in shot, or two....

    And I must get to see the Christmas display at the arboretum!

  2. Hot chocolate + scrabble = my heaven! LOVE! xx

  3. Embrace the cold weather! I'm sure it won't stick around for long. Enjoy the game this weekend & do us all a favor by kicking Mizzou's butt!

  4. mmmmm love me some soup this time of year! Happy Friday :)


  5. Vanilla chai sounds yummy!!! The Christmas exhibit looks beautiful and such a fun event! Hope you have a great weekend!