Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekending: Fall Fun

Linking up our weekend adventures today with the lovely Biana from B Loved Boston.


On Friday night we attended a rehearsal dinner for our friends Chris and Spenser at Maggiano’s.  I’m still dreaming about a mushroom pasta they served that was so very delicious.  Saturday morning we caught a little bit of College Gameday before Austin went to meet up with the other groomsmen and ushers for a day of football watching.   

I watched our Aggies fall apart and lose their first game of the year to Mississippi State before spending the next several hours cleaning out my closet.  Oh it feels so good to have so much stuff out of there!  Why did I insist on hanging on to every supplement from law school?  Have I touched one in the past 3.5 years?  No!  I still need to go through my dresser, but I felt pretty accomplished.  The purging needs to continue this week as we prepare to pack up for our big move!   

After the great closet clean out of 2014, I got ready and headed up to Plano for Chris and Spenser’s wedding.  Their ceremony was so very pretty, and we had a wonderful time dancing the night away at their reception.  I wore the green dress from Friday’s post but failed to take a single picture! 

Church on Sunday was wonderful, as usual, and we were happy to have Casey join us for our first time to venture to the contemporary service where they were having their annual bluegrass Sunday.  So fun! 

After church, a nap was in order for me while Austin watched the Cowboys game – at least one of our teams won this weekend… We then headed to pick up Casey for our fall adventure at the pumpkin patch. 



My award for favorite pumpkin of the day goes to this guy:


I was so tempted to take some of the pretty pumpkins home, but I really don’t want to move pumpkins on top of all my worldly possessions in two weeks, so we’re going to wait until we get to the new house to make any pumpkin purchases. 

After scoping out all the pumpkins, we headed for the corn maze, which was far more difficult than I expected.



We took turns choosing which fork in the path to take, and that may not have been the best strategy.  This thing went on forever and had a ton of confusing dead ends!  We were so turned around by the time we finally made our way our of the maze. 


We are so glad Casey found this fun fall activity for us and looking forward to more adventures with her in big D. 

We saw this atrocity on the way home and I had to snap a picture.  Why in the world does this exist?!  To say I dislike cats would be an understatement… I mean look at the creepy cat cut-outs on the sign!!  Ew!


Sorry to end on such a weird note - have a wonderful and productive week! 


  1. Haha I love the first picture. I really want to do a corn maze!

  2. Corn mazes are so much fun,I love them!

  3. You guys are so cute in the corn maze!!! Sounds like it was a great weekend and starting with a rehearsal dinner at Maggianos is pretty great!!! Happy Monday!!