Friday, October 17, 2014

Five on Friday: Vol. 40

Happy Friday to you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness!  I’m going to dive right in because I’m pretty excited about my number one…


ONE: We have a house!  We closed on Wednesday, and it is official.  I can’t believe it!  We are over the moon excited.  Now I really need to pack up our entire apartment this weekend – yikes.  Tonight I made zero progress on packing, but I did tear out two recipes from Cooking Light, so I’m calling that a win.  Also on the agenda this weekend: installing blinds, cleaning the new house, and appliance shopping.  Woo-hoo!


TWO: Casey cooked us dinner on Monday, and she brought these teeny tiny ice creams for dessert.  They were the perfect size!  Loved those little guys.   

tiny Ben & Jerry's

THREE: Mom’s October card came in the mail yesterday, and it is hard to believe that this is the last card I’ll get at this address.  She has sent me a card every single month for the forty-one months we’ve lived here. Looking forward to November’s coming to the new house!

October 2014

P.S. – There was coordinating candy corn washi tape on the envelope!!

FOUR:  In other news about how I was productive in all the wrong ways this week, I’ve been pinning paint colors up a storm.  We are planning to hold off on having any of the interior walls painted for a little while and just live with the neutral gray that is there for the time being.  But rest assured, I have my color palette ready to go when the time comes!

Favorite pin from last night (via):

paint colors

FIVE: And a little “fall back Friday” to round out my five - oh how our Halloweens have changed.  I don’t think we ever imagined we’d be married and getting ready to move into our first house eight years ago when we took this pic at a Halloween party in 2006!

Halloween 2006

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekending: Feels Like Fall

The fact that the weather finally felt appropriately seasonal is about the best thing I can say about Saturday given the not-so-great outcome of the Aggie game.  Linking up with the lovely Biana today for some weekend highlights!


On Saturday morning, we got up and met some friends from church for coffee and delicious coffee cake before packing up to head to College Station.  There was finally a little bit of a fall chill in the air, and the day was off to a great start. 

We headed down to College Station, and our first order of business was to stop by my sister’s dorm so we could all walk to the stadium together.  Of course she walked out of her dorm in nearly an identical outfit to what I was wearing.  My mom got us both the same maroon dress… and we both apparently thought it needed similar accessorizing!  There were a few double takes as we were walking around campus. 


We walked around and ran into some friends – always a fun part of game day in College Station.  MK had never been to the Association of Former Students building, so we stopped there for a picture at the big Aggie ring statue.

Ole Miss Wknd   IMG_4576

MK had plans to go to a Pine Cove tailgate, so we said good by to her and headed to see our friends Conner and Jen at their tailgate for a bit.  They always have such a cute set up, and it was fun catching up with them and some other friends! 

Then it was finally time to head to the stadium.  I am so not a fan of 8:00 kick offs – I was basically ready for bed before the first quarter was over.  And apparently so were the Aggies… what a disaster!  We left in the 4th quarter and made the considerably shorter drive to my parents’ house instead of driving all the way back to Dallas. 

On Sunday we just had the best and most relaxing day before heading back to Dallas.  We enjoyed the cool weather and had coffee on the porch, a French toast feast for breakfast, and then Mom and I went for a long walk.  Austin and I got to show Mom some pictures and a floor plan of the new house, and I loved getting to talk through some of my thoughts on furniture and decorating in person with her.  We took a delightful Sunday afternoon nap, and then we cooked a really tasty supper that included these pumpkin yeast rolls!


As much as I love carbs – and all things pumpkin right now – the real star of supper was this amazing salad with shredded Brussels sprouts, dried cranberries, blue cheese, spiced walnuts, and honey cinnamon croutons.  I’m super excited that I have a little tupperware of it going to work with me today for lunch!



An Aggie win would have been nice, but the weekend was still a very good one since it included time with some of my favorite people… and those amazing pumpkin rolls.

We’re ready for a great week since we close on our house on Wednesday!!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Five on Friday: Vol. 39

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.  Not only is it Friday, but the day is made even better by the amazing giveaway these ladies are hosting today!


ONE – New skincare!  On top of being one of the sweetest and most organized friends I know, my friend Kylee has the most amazing skin you have ever seen in your entire life.  She also happens to work in the skincare industry, and she recently recommended her top three products of all time to me.  I purchased them last weekend and have been using all week.  Loving them so far!  I think I’m finally starting to realize that my skincare routine might need to consist of more than a bar of Dove soap and some moisturizer.


TWO – Fall polish – I’ve been rocking the “Chinchilly” all week, but my nails are getting in the Aggie spirit tomorrow with a coat of Essie Raspberry before we head to College Station. Two of my fave fall colors!


THREE – This Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter on oats in the morning is my new favorite fall breakfast.  I’m enjoying it for the third time this week as I type.  So good!

photo 1

FOUR – Sometimes I am just so wiped out at the end of a work day that the last thing I feel like doing is going outside and going for a walk.  I’m hoping living in a neighborhood soon will change that, as the area around our apartment is not super conducive for a nice evening walk.  But, last night I met my sister-in-law Casey at the Katy Trail, and we walked for almost two hours!  It was so nice to be outside (well it would have been nicer had it actually felt like fall!) and chat about our days.  We totally forgot to document our walk & talk with a picture, but it was a delightful way to spend the evening.   

FIVE – With the A&M game not even starting until 8:00 p.m. (BTHO Ole Miss!), we decided not to make the 3.5 hour drive back to Dallas after the game.  We are squeezing in a short trip to my parents’ house this weekend, and I’m so excited to see them!  My mom and I have lots of home catalogs to peruse, and I’m hoping she can help me make some decisions on rugs and other furniture that we’ll need soon. 


Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekending: Fall Fun

Linking up our weekend adventures today with the lovely Biana from B Loved Boston.


On Friday night we attended a rehearsal dinner for our friends Chris and Spenser at Maggiano’s.  I’m still dreaming about a mushroom pasta they served that was so very delicious.  Saturday morning we caught a little bit of College Gameday before Austin went to meet up with the other groomsmen and ushers for a day of football watching.   

I watched our Aggies fall apart and lose their first game of the year to Mississippi State before spending the next several hours cleaning out my closet.  Oh it feels so good to have so much stuff out of there!  Why did I insist on hanging on to every supplement from law school?  Have I touched one in the past 3.5 years?  No!  I still need to go through my dresser, but I felt pretty accomplished.  The purging needs to continue this week as we prepare to pack up for our big move!   

After the great closet clean out of 2014, I got ready and headed up to Plano for Chris and Spenser’s wedding.  Their ceremony was so very pretty, and we had a wonderful time dancing the night away at their reception.  I wore the green dress from Friday’s post but failed to take a single picture! 

Church on Sunday was wonderful, as usual, and we were happy to have Casey join us for our first time to venture to the contemporary service where they were having their annual bluegrass Sunday.  So fun! 

After church, a nap was in order for me while Austin watched the Cowboys game – at least one of our teams won this weekend… We then headed to pick up Casey for our fall adventure at the pumpkin patch. 



My award for favorite pumpkin of the day goes to this guy:


I was so tempted to take some of the pretty pumpkins home, but I really don’t want to move pumpkins on top of all my worldly possessions in two weeks, so we’re going to wait until we get to the new house to make any pumpkin purchases. 

After scoping out all the pumpkins, we headed for the corn maze, which was far more difficult than I expected.



We took turns choosing which fork in the path to take, and that may not have been the best strategy.  This thing went on forever and had a ton of confusing dead ends!  We were so turned around by the time we finally made our way our of the maze. 


We are so glad Casey found this fun fall activity for us and looking forward to more adventures with her in big D. 

We saw this atrocity on the way home and I had to snap a picture.  Why in the world does this exist?!  To say I dislike cats would be an understatement… I mean look at the creepy cat cut-outs on the sign!!  Ew!


Sorry to end on such a weird note - have a wonderful and productive week! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

Five on Friday: Vol. 38

It’s back, it’s back!  Hooray for the return of Five on Friday after a summer hiatus!  Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of Five on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness!


ONE – I’ve been full out obsessing over these shoes all week… and now I cannot find my size anywhere.  A calf-hair leopard pump has now become a must have in my fall wardrobe.  Perhaps tomorrow is the day I finally find a pair to bring home? 

leopard pump 

TWO – We are moving THIS MONTH!  I can’t really believe it.  Before writing this blog post, I ordered a chandelier for our dining room… after deciding yesterday morning on our run that I didn’t like the one we bought last Friday night.  I’m hoping I won’t turn into a completely indecisive mess with all of the big decisions ahead with our house!  One thing I’m sure of - this needs to happen.  Maybe I’ll just go ahead and start my Christmas list with this little guy…

calligraphy address stamp

Or this adorable home portrait ornament… I mean – so precious!

home portrait ornament 

THREE – The A&M home games are a little bit few and far between this season.  My sweet mom sent me a new maroon dress with Austin’s birthday gift last week that I cannot wait to wear to the Ole Miss game next weekend!  Oh and two new tassel bracelets that I adore.  I have worn either the black or the navy one every single day this week.  P.S. Old Navy has so much maroon stuff right now – thank goodness maroon appears to be “in” right now, because cute maroon clothes are not always easy to come by.   


FOUR – We are moving just a few days before Halloween, so I have not bothered to get out any fall decorations here at our apartment.  I don’t have that many, but I think we’re going to need to do something festive by the front door… especially because we might actually have trick-or-treaters for the first time ever!  I’ve been obsessed with this pumpkin topiary since the first time I saw it.  Needs to happen!

SL pumpkin topiary

FIVE – Although our constant stream of weddings has significantly slowed, we do have a wedding tomorrow night.  Thankfully it is local, and thankfully the weather has cooled off a bit.  After a major storm yesterday, it is starting to feel more like fall.  Maybe this time the cooler temps are really here to stay?  Anyway, I’m pretty sure we are both wearing the same thing we wore to a wedding last November, so don’t be surprised if you see a very similar picture on the blog next week ;)