Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September + Three Day Weekending

How has August already come and gone??  It must have been the fastest month yet in 2014.  September is always a fun time of year thanks to college football starting and Austin’s birthday!  On that note… how about those Aggies?!  We are headed to College Station on Saturday to see the Ags in person, and I cannot wait.  After that very exciting game in South Carolina, Kyle Field is sure to be rocking. 


And we get to see Texas A&M’s newest baby Pi Phi, my sister!  She just finished rush and had her first day of classes, and every time I talk to her I am more convinced that her life is about 100x more exciting than mine.  Austin has all but started an official campaign for her to wear a Go Pro camera 24-7 so we can live vicariously through her college experience! 

Austin and I had a lovely 3 day weekend that included some of the following highlights:

Hatfields & McCoys on Netflix… we finished it last night.  Has anyone else watched it? 

hatfields & mccoys

Some new recipes from Cooking Light – broccoli pesto pasta & a prosciutto, spinach, and gruyere frittata.  Plus, Sunday night we had a quick dinner at Torchy’s, including their amazing queso, before a walk around White Rock.

September 2014

September 20142

Wearing my new navy tassel bracelet pretty much every day and enjoying this lovely little bird painting that finally got a frame.  Thank you to my crafty mom and MK for making this adorable bracelet for me!  I also have a tortoise and green version that I hope to break out this week. 

September 2014 (2)

And last but not least, a new plant for my office – it is slowly but surely coming together.  Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect tray for my desk.  I love the planter I found at Home Depot yesterday!

September 20143

Enjoy the short week!  Linking up with B Loves Boston for Weekending on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday.


  1. All that food looks amazing!! My best friend was as the game this past weekend and said she had the best time!! Nothing like a good W to start the season off right!!

  2. Girl, that game was amaaaazing! Y'all made USC look silly and I love, love, loved it. Your fans are also super nice :)

  3. Please, please, please make that delish-looking broccoli pesto and frittata next time I'm in town!!


  4. Love that print and bracelet - impressed that it was a DIY!!

  5. All of that food looks amazing! And how beautiful is that planter?! Obsessed. xo!