Monday, September 29, 2014

Whirlwind Weekending!

Hello and happy Monday evening – getting this post up while it is still actually Monday is a slight improvement from last week when I posted our weekend recap on Tuesday.  I’m vowing to post at least twice this week – it is in my planner, so it’s bound to happen ;).  The return of my favorite link up on Friday will surely be just the boost I need to get back into more of a regular blogging routine.  But backing up a bit to this past Friday… Linking up with Biana today, per usual on a Monday, for our weekend recap.


Austin’s birthday was on Thursday, and on Friday night we went out for a fancy date to Outback and then to Lowe’s where we made our first purchase for the new house – a chandelier!  It was pretty exciting, and things with the house are finally starting to feel real. 

Saturday morning Buddy and Suann came to town, and we started our day of celebrating Austin with pumpkin muffins, eggs, and sausage.  No pictures of these festivities because I was still making Austin’s birthday cake when they arrived!  We enjoyed catching up a bit over breakfast, and Casey came over (from her new apartment just down the street that I still need to blog about!) to join the fun, too.  Austin and his dad loaded up our table to take to the new house so that we could get an idea of where we want the new chandelier placed.  We gave Buddy, Suann, and Casey a tour of the house, and figured out chandy placement. 

After a quick stop at Trader Joe’s (a very crowded place to be on a Saturday afternoon!), we met back up at home for the Aggie game.  Which was QUITE stressful.  Not stressful enough to keep me from taking a nap during the third quarter, but still quite stressful at the end.  Thank goodness my Ags pulled out the win!

I have to mention these little life changers – oh my word.  We ate them with some gouda as a snack during the game.  Austin and I finished the box this afternoon.  They are so dang good.  I’m planning to go back and stock up ASAP.  I also bought some pumpkin butter as a total impulse purchase and cannot wait to have some on my oatmeal this week!

TJ pumpkin crisps

Our celebration/birthday dinner was spaghetti and meatballs followed by the birthday boy’s favorite carrot cake.


We went on a little walk at Klyde Warren park after dinner and enjoyed the Dallas skyline and some tolerable temperatures.

Austin's Birthday

On Sunday, Austin and I got in a nice run before church, which is not something we normally do, but after all of our birthday eating on Saturday, it was much needed and a great way to start the day!  We had a great Sunday at church and loved having Austin’s parents and Casey in the service with us.  After church, our Sunday school class went on a segway tour of Dallas.. in matching t-shirts!  It was such a fun time seeing our city on wheels with some of our favorite friends.

IMG_4504 IMG_4532 IMG_4519 J2U Segway

Have a great week!  See y’all on Friday, if not before then. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekending – a Golden Birthday & a Big Move

Austin’s sister Casey turned 19 on Friday, which was the 19th of September = golden birthday!  She celebrated in a big way by moving from Austin to Dallas this weekend.  Much of our weekend was spent celebrating Casey and helping with the move.  She is all settled in and ready for her school to start at the beginning of October!  Pics of her apt coming soon – we had a ball decorating on Saturday afternoon. 

We dined at Royal China, the birthday girl’s fave, for her actual birthday on Friday night.


There were also presents!

Casey's Birthday1

Casey's Birthday

On Saturday morning, I was at the Arboretum bright and early as a volunteer for the annual Tour des Fleurs 10k/20k.  My JL placement this year is the Arboretum, and it is such a pretty place to spend some time!  The Arboretum was also kicking off their famous Autumn at the Arboretum on Saturday, so there were beautiful pumpkins everywhere.  It really felt like fall… except for the high temps.  Last year Austin and I ran the 20k, but this year, due to the much higher temperatures, I was thankful to just be handing out water at the finish line. 

Saturday night we introduced Casey to two of our Dallas favorites – Flying Fish and Paciugo.

After a jam-packed Saturday, we had a great Sunday morning at church, and then I made it my personal mission not to leave the house for the rest of the day.  I was successful, and it was so nice.  There was a nap, some book reading, and I started the new Southern Living.  With our own move on the horizon, my lazy Sunday afternoons are probably coming to an end… we need to start thinking about purging and packing!   

Now switching gears just a bit, I have been looking to this week of the premiere of fall shows for quite a while!  I’m probably more excited for Thursday night than I should be – the return of Scandal!  And, I can’t wait to watch the new show following Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder.  Thursday is also Austin’s birthday, so it is going to be just an all-around great day! 

           how to get away with murder scandal 2

Oh, and I discovered yesterday that the Scandal collection comes out at the Limited today.  Now, I haven’t been to the Limited in quite some time, but I’m seriously contemplating a stop by Northpark this evening to check it out.  Who knows how the quality will be, but Olivia’s wardrobe is one of my favorite things about the show. 

I’m off to finish painting my nails before work – have a great Tuesday! Linking up a day late with B Loved Boston


Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekending: Finally Fall

This weekend was extra special due to the temperatures finally dipping down into what I consider to be “fall range.”  I was actually a little chilly when I ventured to the grocery store on Saturday morning, and I broke out some boots for the first time this season.  I’m in denial that these temps are going to go back up this week, but I’m afraid they might. 

On Saturday morning we cooked a late breakfast of French toast, watched College Gameday, and got ready for a cook off with our Sunday school class that afternoon.  The cook off was a really fun idea that I can take absolutely no credit for – our class paired up with another class at our church and each class brought a version of a dish.  I brought potato salad, and someone from the other class did as well.  We had everything you could possibly need for a delicious BBQ!  At the actual event, each dish was assigned a 1 or a 2, and everyone had a ballot to vote as they ate.  It was so fun! 

J2U v IMG_4467 IMG_4468 IMG_4475

The winners of each category took home a wooden spoon and a Target gift card. 


Couples from our class who were there – so thankful for these friends and our church!

The rest of my Saturday was spent curled up in my favorite chair with my favorite blanket, a pile of magazines, and watching the Aggies play dominate.

Sunday brought church, lunch with friends, and another birthday part at Dallas Life for the children there.  It was so nice to have cooler temperatures for the party - last time we helped with the birthday party was in August, and we were pretty much in a puddle by the end. 

We then spent some time at what will hopefully be our house in October going over a list of things with our Realtor to discuss with the seller and doing a little measuring.  We also did some exploring around the area and fell in love with all of the great parks that are super close to the neighborhood!!  

I watched Miss America last night, and I’m still in shock that the winner’s talent involved red Solo cups… that’s really all I’ll say about that.  I did love Miss Arkansas’ black evening gown!

Linking up with B Loved Boston on this Monday morning.  


Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday – Vol. 38

Well hello there!  My 10 day hiatus from the blog was definitely not intentional, but house hunting, the start of football season (and thus the start of traveling to College Station on the weekends), and commitments each night this week have gotten the best of me.  Here are some highlights from the past few days…

ONE – We were in Aggieland on Saturday for the home opener!  It was great to be back, and even greater that a trip to College Station now means I get to see my sister.  The game had an unfortunate 2 hour+ weather delay, but we stayed through the first half and made a very very late drive back to Dallas. 

A&M vs

iced coffee in appropriate cups for the road trip to CS after a long morning of house hunting// my favorite member of the Fighting Texas Aggie c/o 2018// Kyle Field with 104,000+ of my bffs (Saturday we had the largest crowd ever in the state of TX for a college football game – whoop!) #everythingsbiggerintexas


TWO – A cool front is expected to come through Dallas today.  Hello fall! Naturally, I made a big pot of red beans and rice yesterday.  It is my very favorite fall meal. 

THREE – We are closer than we’ve ever been to getting a house, and I’m so cautiously excited about it.  Say a little prayer for us that this one is it!  We had a long day Wednesday looking at 5 houses after work, but it just may have been worth it.  I think I’m going to be holding my breath for the next month!   

FOUR – I got a cute “back to school” September card from Mom this month – yes, she is an elementary school teacher!  Even though I don’t technically go back to school any more, who can really resist the pull to purchase office supplies during this time of year?  You better believe I’m fully stocked with my all-time favorite pens for quite a while. 

September 2014

FIVE – Austin and his sister Casey both have September birthdays, and I’m anxiously awaiting a few packages to arrive in the mail.  Spending so much time house hunting and with various other commitments has not left much time to do anything crafty or creative, so I’m looking forward to spending some time wrapping gifts and making birthday cards as these birthdays approach.  Some of my favorite gift wrapping ideas from Pinterest

Blog Randoms2 washi flags//paper feathers//hand lettered//washi candles (could use scrapbook paper!)

Happy Friday! 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September + Three Day Weekending

How has August already come and gone??  It must have been the fastest month yet in 2014.  September is always a fun time of year thanks to college football starting and Austin’s birthday!  On that note… how about those Aggies?!  We are headed to College Station on Saturday to see the Ags in person, and I cannot wait.  After that very exciting game in South Carolina, Kyle Field is sure to be rocking. 


And we get to see Texas A&M’s newest baby Pi Phi, my sister!  She just finished rush and had her first day of classes, and every time I talk to her I am more convinced that her life is about 100x more exciting than mine.  Austin has all but started an official campaign for her to wear a Go Pro camera 24-7 so we can live vicariously through her college experience! 

Austin and I had a lovely 3 day weekend that included some of the following highlights:

Hatfields & McCoys on Netflix… we finished it last night.  Has anyone else watched it? 

hatfields & mccoys

Some new recipes from Cooking Light – broccoli pesto pasta & a prosciutto, spinach, and gruyere frittata.  Plus, Sunday night we had a quick dinner at Torchy’s, including their amazing queso, before a walk around White Rock.

September 2014

September 20142

Wearing my new navy tassel bracelet pretty much every day and enjoying this lovely little bird painting that finally got a frame.  Thank you to my crafty mom and MK for making this adorable bracelet for me!  I also have a tortoise and green version that I hope to break out this week. 

September 2014 (2)

And last but not least, a new plant for my office – it is slowly but surely coming together.  Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect tray for my desk.  I love the planter I found at Home Depot yesterday!

September 20143

Enjoy the short week!  Linking up with B Loves Boston for Weekending on this Tuesday that feels like a Monday.