Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekending & Lots to Celebrate

Linking up with B today for Weekending! 


First of all, I need to wish a happy 30th anniversary to my parents and a happy 50th to my father-in-law!  August 11 is full of reasons to celebrate in our family!  Love y’all!  I’m so thankful for my parents and my in-laws. 

Blog Randoms1

Ok, I promise I will get to the weekend, but I have to back up just a bit to get the blog totally up to speed.  Backing way up, last Wednesday we had a fun reunion with our friends Matt & Mallory – it must have been at least 6 months since we’d seen them, and they only live in Fort Worth!  We walked to Cane Rosso and had a great time visiting and catching up.  They also came bearing gifts in the form of some tomatoes and peppers from their garden.  Sunday’s BLT was pretty spectacular thanks to those tomatoes!


On Thursday night we took supper to our friends Brooke and Oscar and their sweet new addition, baby Jude!  I finally got to meet him and hold him – he is just precious.  It seems like Brooke’s shower was just a few weeks ago, and now he is here!

baby Jude

On Friday after work we hit the road for Austin to celebrate my father-in-law, Buddy all weekend!  We had a jam packed day Saturday that started with a little road trip to the Comal River for a float and ended with kayaking back in Austin.  There was a delicious lunch at Rudy’s in the middle that was also a highlight.  My poor legs were the only sunburn casualty, and I honestly don’t know how only my legs managed to get burned??  Fingers crossed that they start looking more like a tan and less like a lobster. 

Buddy's Birthday Weekend

Sunday we came back to Dallas and relaxed all afternoon – I finished our book club book and really enjoyed it.  The link up is next week!  I also picked up some books that were on hold for me at the library, and now I’m getting ready to dive into those. 


And on a final totally random note to round out this post, my youngest sister is home for a few days in between her five weeks at Pine Cove and heading off to Fish Camp (whoop!).  She and my mom made these cute cute bracelets today.  Mine is the navy one – cannot wait to wear it soon!

August 2014 (2) 

Off to read and look at more houses (story of my life right now – the house hunt continues). 


  1. Happy 30th to your parents!!! And baby Jude... Wayyyyy cute!

  2. Such a fun weekend!! Nothing like holding newborns to really put everything into perspective!! happy 30th to your parents!!

  3. Happy 30th to your parents! I was drooling over that BLT sandwich you posted on Instagram... those tomatoes look amazing!