Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cutest Dorm Room I Ever Did See!

Well Mary Katherine is all moved into her dorm!  Austin and I are always up for a trip to College Station, so we jumped at the chance to help my parents move my youngest sister into the dorm on Saturday.  I am so thrilled for her new adventure!  We loved getting to be a part of seeing her new home for the next year come together.  Admittedly, I probably loved seeing the dorm room transform slightly more than Austin did, but he did remark later on how much of a difference the decorations made in there. 

Dorm rooms don’t have what I would call the best lighting ever, but I think the cute details still shine through!


MK Moves to CS!1 

MK Moves to CS!2


MK Moves to CS!3

And what kind of Aggies would we be if we didn’t even do a drive by to check on the Kyle Field progress.  We are getting excited for some football!  Only 3 more days until our season begins (BTHO South Carolina!). 

MK Moves to CS! 

Looking forward to seeing MK at the first home game in just a few weeks!  She’s got her boots ready and some pretty cute game day outfits ready to go. 


  1. Here dorm room is too cute! & yes, BTHO of South Carolina!! I'll be there cheering on your team :)

  2. 100% the best decorated dorm room!!!

  3. well dang! y'all totally win best decorated dorm room ever.

  4. So cute!! Does your sister blog as well? I'd love to she her styling!

  5. Her dorm room is gorgeous! Love all those monograms!

  6. What a cute room! And that furniture looks so much better than what I had on the south side back in the day. :)