Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blogger Bookworms: The Light Between Oceans (Part 2)

Happy blogger bookworm day!  Please link up below with your thoughts and answers to our questions about The Light Between Oceans


1. Have you ever been to a lighthouse before? If so, which one(s) and what were your experiences; if not, which would you like to visit and why?

Well, we did get pretty close to a lighthouse on our honeymoon in Maine (pic below!), and it was beautiful.  I never thought about the logistics of a lighthouse until reading this book, and they seem way more involved than I ever realized. 
2. Could you live on an island like Janus Rock with only your husband for three months at a time? Would you be lonely, or as Tom said, "too busy to be lonely"?

Maybe I could do one three month stint, if I knew I only had to do it for three months, but if I was facing that indefinitely, I don’t think I could handle it!  It seemed very isolated.  It also seemed like the weather was not the best.  Overall I think it would just be a pretty hard existence. 

3. If you experienced losses like Isabel and Tom, what would you do if you were in their shoes?

Gosh I would sure be tempted to do exactly what they did!  I definitely sympathized with Isabel being so mad at Tom for basically telling the secret by leaving the notes/rattle for Hannah. 

4. Did you foresee the rattle being such an important part of the story?

No, not at ALL.  I thought it was neat the way that the rattle ended up being a major part of the story, but I definitely did not see that coming. 

5. Do you feel like Tom did the right thing by reaching out to Hannah?

Well, it’s hard to say.  I can definitely understand why he would feel overwhelming guilt after realizing the enormity of what they had done and the impact it had on Hannah.  But, like I said above, I can sympathize with Isabel as well.  It was really just bound to be a sad situation either way. 

6. Do you feel like Isabel made the right choice in the end? Were you surprised?

I was a little surprised, especially after her reaction when Hannah visited her the night she went to the police station.  Ultimately, I think it was the right choice.  It seems like she would have just been crushed by guilt had she not come clean. 

7. Which character did you relate best to, and why?

This is a hard one!  I don’t think it was one of the main characters (Tom, Isabel, or Lucy/Grace) or Hannah, for that matter.  Maybe Hannah’s sister, Gwen?  She seemed to keep a level head throughout the chaos, and I wish she would have been incorporated into the story more. 

8. If you could have changed any part of this book, how would it be different?

I wish Lucy-Grace had made it to Tom & Isabel’s home before Isabel’s death.  It would have really been more of a full circle moment if she had. 

August BB

Thanks for playing along with our summer book club, friends.  Katelyn and I have enjoyed hosting, and maybe we’ll bring it back next summer as well. 

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