Monday, August 25, 2014

The Cutest Dorm Room I Ever Did See!

Well Mary Katherine is all moved into her dorm!  Austin and I are always up for a trip to College Station, so we jumped at the chance to help my parents move my youngest sister into the dorm on Saturday.  I am so thrilled for her new adventure!  We loved getting to be a part of seeing her new home for the next year come together.  Admittedly, I probably loved seeing the dorm room transform slightly more than Austin did, but he did remark later on how much of a difference the decorations made in there. 

Dorm rooms don’t have what I would call the best lighting ever, but I think the cute details still shine through!


MK Moves to CS!1 

MK Moves to CS!2


MK Moves to CS!3

And what kind of Aggies would we be if we didn’t even do a drive by to check on the Kyle Field progress.  We are getting excited for some football!  Only 3 more days until our season begins (BTHO South Carolina!). 

MK Moves to CS! 

Looking forward to seeing MK at the first home game in just a few weeks!  She’s got her boots ready and some pretty cute game day outfits ready to go. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blogger Bookworms: The Light Between Oceans (Part 2)

Happy blogger bookworm day!  Please link up below with your thoughts and answers to our questions about The Light Between Oceans


1. Have you ever been to a lighthouse before? If so, which one(s) and what were your experiences; if not, which would you like to visit and why?

Well, we did get pretty close to a lighthouse on our honeymoon in Maine (pic below!), and it was beautiful.  I never thought about the logistics of a lighthouse until reading this book, and they seem way more involved than I ever realized. 
2. Could you live on an island like Janus Rock with only your husband for three months at a time? Would you be lonely, or as Tom said, "too busy to be lonely"?

Maybe I could do one three month stint, if I knew I only had to do it for three months, but if I was facing that indefinitely, I don’t think I could handle it!  It seemed very isolated.  It also seemed like the weather was not the best.  Overall I think it would just be a pretty hard existence. 

3. If you experienced losses like Isabel and Tom, what would you do if you were in their shoes?

Gosh I would sure be tempted to do exactly what they did!  I definitely sympathized with Isabel being so mad at Tom for basically telling the secret by leaving the notes/rattle for Hannah. 

4. Did you foresee the rattle being such an important part of the story?

No, not at ALL.  I thought it was neat the way that the rattle ended up being a major part of the story, but I definitely did not see that coming. 

5. Do you feel like Tom did the right thing by reaching out to Hannah?

Well, it’s hard to say.  I can definitely understand why he would feel overwhelming guilt after realizing the enormity of what they had done and the impact it had on Hannah.  But, like I said above, I can sympathize with Isabel as well.  It was really just bound to be a sad situation either way. 

6. Do you feel like Isabel made the right choice in the end? Were you surprised?

I was a little surprised, especially after her reaction when Hannah visited her the night she went to the police station.  Ultimately, I think it was the right choice.  It seems like she would have just been crushed by guilt had she not come clean. 

7. Which character did you relate best to, and why?

This is a hard one!  I don’t think it was one of the main characters (Tom, Isabel, or Lucy/Grace) or Hannah, for that matter.  Maybe Hannah’s sister, Gwen?  She seemed to keep a level head throughout the chaos, and I wish she would have been incorporated into the story more. 

8. If you could have changed any part of this book, how would it be different?

I wish Lucy-Grace had made it to Tom & Isabel’s home before Isabel’s death.  It would have really been more of a full circle moment if she had. 

August BB

Thanks for playing along with our summer book club, friends.  Katelyn and I have enjoyed hosting, and maybe we’ll bring it back next summer as well. 

Monday, August 18, 2014


Another great Dallas weekend is in the books!   Linking up with Biana on this Monday morning. 


Friday: after work, I pretty much collapsed on the couch and wanted to go to sleep immediately.  Sometimes the work weak just wears me out.  But, Austin prevailed, and we went to our game night at church and had a good time.  I’m thought I might be a little black and blue on Saturday after the floor hockey and dodge ball, but luckily my injuries seemed to be pretty minor :) 

Saturday:  Austin had a scrimmage to ref on Saturday morning (is football season really here already?!), and I got some good time in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls.  I had cinnamon rolls for days, y’all – I just kept getting out more pans.  I made them Saturday morning but baked most of them Sunday morning and took them to church.  Two pans are hiding out in my freezer though, so that is definitely something to look forward to! 

Blog Randoms1

My mom makes the BEST cinnamon rolls.  Austin told me these tasted just like hers, and that is pretty much the best compliment I could ever receive. 

Saturday afternoon we went and looked at 8 houses with our realtor.  We found one that is promising, so we’ll see what happens there.  I don’t want to let myself get too excited about anything at this stage!  Looking at 8 houses in one afternoon is tiring stuff.  We rallied afterwards and went to dinner with two other couples at Truluck’s for Dallas restaurant week.  I had some delicious shrimp scamp and a wonderful salad with goat cheese, apples, and spiced pecans.  So divine!  It was a stormy afternoon and night, and the restaurant was pretty dark as well, so no pics from Saturday night, unfortunately. 

Sunday: We snuck in an early morning run on the Katy Trail on Sunday morning, which is not something we usually do.  I enjoyed it, and it was good to run off some of our Truluck’s indulging!  I am doing a walking challenge with a work organization, so wearing my pedometer around is good motivation to get a run in whenever I can. 

We had a great morning at church, the cinnamon rolls were a hit with our Sunday school class, and then we had lunch at Campisi’s after church with our class.  I just love going to lunch with our friends after church.  I know once we all start having children, Sunday lunches will be a little more complicated.

Sunday evening we went to a going away party for a couple from our church – we are so sad to see them go, but I know they have a great adventure in store for their family!  The party was a fun chance to get to socialize with some church friends who we don’t get to see as often because they are not in our class. 

That about sums it up!  I’m looking forward to a low key week with not a lot of commitments on the horizon.  I can’t believe in just five days we will be College Station bound to help my sister move into the dorm!  The excitement of that and getting to see my family so soon is going to give me something to look forward to all week. 

Have a happy and productive Monday!  Sorry for the lack of pictures – I have got to get back in the habit of toting my camera around.  See you Wednesday for Blogger Bookworms.   

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey Friday – Vol. 2

So glad to see you, Friday!  I’m inking up again with with Amy & Karli again today.


{ONE] – I went a little crazy placing online hold requests on my library’s website.  That is how I ended up with this large pile of books next to my bed.  I read Second Honeymoon this week, and it was totally worth a few later-than-usual nights.  I couldn’t put it down.  If you are a James Patterson fan, pick up this book ASAP! 


{TWO} – This weekend is going to be jam-packed, but super fun.  Some of the things I’m most looking forward to:

  • game night at church tonight
  • making cinnamon rolls tomorrow to take to church on Sunday
  • more house hunting – Austin scoped out some houses this week that we are really excited to see in person
  • a triple date on Saturday night (it’s Restaurant Week in Dallas!)
  • lunch with our Sunday school class after church
  • a going away party for some sweet friends on Sunday evening – this one will be bittersweet! 

{THREE} – How crazy is it that we are halfway through August?  Austin commented yesterday that it feels like it should still basically be the 4th of July.  I think so too!  I can’t believe we are just days away from moving my sister into her dorm at A&M, football season, and September! 

CS tailgate

{FOUR}  I can’t let August completely pass me by without posting my August card from mom.  Pretty stinking cute, right? 

August 2014 card

{FIVE} – Because I’m struggling to come up with a #5 and because I know it is that time of year when bloggers all start looking forward to fall, craving PSLs and “boot weather,”  I’ll leave you with this gem…


#truth!  We are still a looooong way away from cooler temps in Texas, so this is probably a premature PSA, but y’all know bloggers get antsy for the next season halfway through the current one.  Tell me you haven’t read a post in the last week where someone mentioned how ready they are for fall!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Weekending & Lots to Celebrate

Linking up with B today for Weekending! 


First of all, I need to wish a happy 30th anniversary to my parents and a happy 50th to my father-in-law!  August 11 is full of reasons to celebrate in our family!  Love y’all!  I’m so thankful for my parents and my in-laws. 

Blog Randoms1

Ok, I promise I will get to the weekend, but I have to back up just a bit to get the blog totally up to speed.  Backing way up, last Wednesday we had a fun reunion with our friends Matt & Mallory – it must have been at least 6 months since we’d seen them, and they only live in Fort Worth!  We walked to Cane Rosso and had a great time visiting and catching up.  They also came bearing gifts in the form of some tomatoes and peppers from their garden.  Sunday’s BLT was pretty spectacular thanks to those tomatoes!


On Thursday night we took supper to our friends Brooke and Oscar and their sweet new addition, baby Jude!  I finally got to meet him and hold him – he is just precious.  It seems like Brooke’s shower was just a few weeks ago, and now he is here!

baby Jude

On Friday after work we hit the road for Austin to celebrate my father-in-law, Buddy all weekend!  We had a jam packed day Saturday that started with a little road trip to the Comal River for a float and ended with kayaking back in Austin.  There was a delicious lunch at Rudy’s in the middle that was also a highlight.  My poor legs were the only sunburn casualty, and I honestly don’t know how only my legs managed to get burned??  Fingers crossed that they start looking more like a tan and less like a lobster. 

Buddy's Birthday Weekend

Sunday we came back to Dallas and relaxed all afternoon – I finished our book club book and really enjoyed it.  The link up is next week!  I also picked up some books that were on hold for me at the library, and now I’m getting ready to dive into those. 


And on a final totally random note to round out this post, my youngest sister is home for a few days in between her five weeks at Pine Cove and heading off to Fish Camp (whoop!).  She and my mom made these cute cute bracelets today.  Mine is the navy one – cannot wait to wear it soon!

August 2014 (2) 

Off to read and look at more houses (story of my life right now – the house hunt continues). 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Blogger Bookworms: The Light Between Oceans (Part 1)

Welcome!  Katelyn and I are back for month 2 and book 2 of our little virtual book club.  This month we are reading M.L. Steadman’s The Light Between Oceans.  I have only just started the book, but speedy Katelyn flew through it in one weekend.  It’s not too late to grab a copy and link up with us! 


Today is just a chance to link up and let us know you plan to participate and link up with your review of The Light Between Oceans on August 20 (two weeks from today).  As you read, think about the below list of questions.  On August 20, Katelyn and I, and hopeful you, will post our answers to these questions!

August BB

1. Have you ever been to a lighthouse before? If so, which one(s) and what were your experiences; if not, which would you like to visit and why?

2. Could you live on an island like Janus Rock with only your husband for three months at a time? Would you be lonely, or as Tom said, "too busy to be lonely"?

3. If you experienced losses like Isabel and Tom, what would you do if you were in their shoes?

4. {SPOILER} Did you foresee the rattle being such an important part of the story?

5. {SPOILER} Do you feel like Tom did the right thing by reaching out to Hannah?

6. Do you feel like Isabel made the right choice in the end? Were you surprised?

7. Which character did you relate best to, and why?
8. If you could have changed any part of this book, how would it be different?

Today, feel free to just give a little progress report somewhere in your blog post – are you planning to read the book?  Have you read it already or are you just starting?  Whatever the case, two weeks is plenty of time to finish!

I am enjoying the book so far and hope to make some progress this week and weekend.  This book is quite a bit different than our last one – I can’t wait to see what y’all think.   

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Weekend Recap

Well, surprise, surprise, my weekend recap is a tiny bit tardy.  We had a jam packed weekend, but it was one of those weekends that was a good combination of fun, relaxation, and productivity. 


On Friday night we met our supper club friends at Top Golf.  I am not a golfer, but I was all about sitting outside enjoying our unusually cool weather, snacking, and catching up with my friends!  We somehow lucked into something like three free hours of golf, and of course the husbands were not going to let that go to waste, so it turned into kind of a late night.  And that is why this happened -

photo 1

I’m pretty sure no one was surprised!  My friends and family all know me falling asleep is inevitable at any point once 10pm has come and gone.  In my defense, this really was only about a 5-10 minute cat nap.  And it was almost midnight!  Not an hour I see on a regular basis. 

Saturday morning we slept in quite a bit later than usual for us, and then we remembered that we had a gift certificate to one of our favorites, Garden Cafe.  We decided to head there for brunch, and once again were able to enjoy the unseasonably cool weather Dallas had this weekend.  We ate outside and it was just a perfect morning.

August 2014

Saturday afternoon I got a much needed hair cut and highlights.  I am loving the shorter length.  Saturday night we roasted some okra and cooked some squash and watched a movie at home.  Perfect night in! 

photo 4

Sunday morning we had a great day at church.  We had a little social media break between prayer time and our Sunday school lesson – I just love our class! 

Austin grilled some chicken and I put together some salads for our lunch after church, and we were so excited to have my parents swing through town to have lunch with us!  We loved having them and getting to sneak in a quick visit.  They were on their way home from their place in west Texas and squeezed in a Dallas stop to see a potential house on our short list.  They approved of the house, and we ended up making an offer, but we got the seller’s counter offer today and are not thrilled with it.  Maybe this house is not the one – we will see! 

After my parents left, I swung by the library to pick up our next Blogger Bookworms book – The Light Between Oceans.  I’ll be posting our questions tomorrow, so be sure to check back and link up if you plan on participating and blogging your answers to the questions in 2 weeks! 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Hey Friday – Vol. 1

I am so thrilled to FINALLY be linking up with the fun hostesses of Oh Hey Friday.  I have had quite the Friday blog hiatus lately, so hopefully I still remember how to blog about five fun things from the week… Linking up with Amy & Karli!


[ONE] – I lucked into my firm’s tickets for the Rangers game on Tuesday night, and we got to go to the game with Katey and Casey.  It had been far too long since we’d hung out with them, so it was really fun to get to catch up.  And, we were blessed with a very unusually cool night considering it was July in Texas.  Only a Rangers win could have made the night better. 

July 20141

[TWO] – Most of our week, well really most of our free time in general lately, has been spent house hunting.  I think we are getting closer!  It is exciting and nerve-wracking and stressful all at the same time.  Some things I’ve learned so far:

  • I care more about the flooring in a house than I expected.  That wasn’t ever something I anticipated having a strong opinion on – boy was I wrong.  I’m pretty sure I’ve ruled out a house based solely on the floor alone as soon as we walked in.
  • I absolutely do not want any DIY projects.  I’m not even remotely interested in renovating a kitchen or floors or really even changing out light fixtures. #aintnobodygottimeforthat
  • I really value how a house looks from the outside and have been less than impressed with most of the exteriors we’ve seen…also the landscaping.  My gracious, people in Dallas do not know how to landscape a yard.  It is as if people have never heard of an actual flower bed… or shrubs…or the concept of putting pine straw in your beds instead of mulch.  Yuck.  I have a major mulch aversion. 

[THREE] – We are going to Top Golf tonight with our supper club friends, and I can’t wait!  It has been far too long since we all caught up.  One of the other couples is in the midst of a house hunt, and I can’t wait to compare notes. 

[FOUR] – I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, and I’ve never needed one so badly in my life.  I’m thinking something around the length of these -

Blog Randoms (left/right)

[FIVE] – I’m starting to get super excited about trips to College Station in the fall!  In just three short weeks we will be moving my sister into the dorm.  Cannot believe it!  I wrote all of the football games in my planner earlier this week, and that got me pretty fired up for football season as well.  See you soon Kyle Field!



Happy Friday and happy first day of August!  I love love love turning over my calendar on the first day of the month – off to do that now!