Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Catching Up

Good gracious, I just cannot seem to get on a consistent blogging schedule a stick to it!  I’ve been at my new job for almost three months now, and my mornings start earlier at work which has apparently caused blogging time to go out the window.  I usually have good intentions of sitting down to blog when I get home, but that just does not usually happen. 

Considering the fact that we are smack-dab in the middle of our house hunt and a busy summer, I’m going to give myself a little grace in the area of blogging and just do what I can when I can and attempt to not fall completely off of the blogging wagon! 

This weekend was relaxing in some ways and hectic in others, but overall definitely a good weekend.  Austin was in College Station at a bachelor party, so I happily had an early night on Friday after a long week.  Saturday morning I got my annual pedicure.  Yes, you read that right – about once a year I get the urge to go get a pedicure.  The rest of the time I’m completely content to do my own toes.  Saturday I really lived on the edge and got a manicure too.  It was pretty relaxing! 

gel mani

I got gel polish on my nails for the first time ever, and I think I’m a convert.  This stuff is amazing!

After my relaxing mani/pedi, I headed to meet my GJ and her friend Ida Jean at a fun restaurant in Plano for lunch.  She was in town for a quick visit before heading off on a cruise of the Baltic Sea, and I’m so glad it worked out for us to squeeze in lunch. 

July 2014

After house hunting, I did a little shopping and had a pretty uneventful evening.  Sunday consisted of church, more house hunting once Austin got back to town, and a meeting over dinner.  Last night we went and drove around some potential neighborhoods and scouted out more houses.  House hunting is so time consuming!  Tonight we are going to the Rangers game with our friends Katey and Casey, and I’ll be glad to have a night not consumed by the house hunt. 

Hope your week is off to a great start! 


  1. Bahaha I'm the same with pedicures. It's true!!
    Loving the update too, love. You'll get back in the groove of it. My schedule hasn't changed, but I'm "off" in my writing time simply because it's summer! :) Grace over perfection.

  2. Love that nail color! I also have a new early mornings sort of schedule and it is also killing my blogging time! I understand completely - sometimes life gets in the way.

  3. House hunting is soooo time consuming! Hope you guys find something you love soon!!

  4. Any good prospects house hunting? And gel is amazing!!! I just try to avoid it in the winter because I feel like my nails get brittle with the cold weather - love the color you picked!!

  5. grace is definitely good! i have been on the on again off again blogger journey also! :) :)