Monday, June 30, 2014


We had a low key but great weekend that kicked off with an 8:30 bedtime for me on Friday night.  #wildchild  It was pretty blissful!  Today I’m linking up for the first time with Biana at B Loved Boston for Weekending.


Saturday morning we met our friends Paul & Dianne for an early brunch at Dream Cafe.  It was so good to catch up with them, and we had good food, good coffee, and good conversation!  It was a perfect start to our Saturday. 

photo 1

After our brunch, we braved Northpark for just a little bit for me to take back some shoes.  I found a cute skirt at Gap and thankfully my sister steered me in the right direction when I sent her an urgent text asking what I should wear with it.  I really wish she lived near me sometimes and could just be my personal shopper! The picture is not the best, but it has small blue and white stripes.  It is so comfy and I think it will be perfect for the 4th! 

photo 2

On Saturday afternoon, we met our wonderful realtor to look at some houses.  This was our first time looking, and it was pretty preliminary since we aren’t looking to move until later this year, but it was definitely good to get out and see some of our preferred areas in person as opposed to the listings we’ve been looking at online.  It was an encouraging afternoon and we feel like we will be able to find the right house for us soon! 

Sunday morning our church service was full of patriotic music, American flags, and even fireworks!  It was quite a show and so very festive.  Todd Starnes from FNC spoke, and we enjoyed hearing him.  I texted this picture to my sister during the offertory of the SIX pianos on stage.  I told her she needed to be there and add piano #7!  Not only do I wish she lived closer for clothes advice, if she lived here then she could serenade me with her awesome piano skills all the time :)

photo 4

photo 5

Sunday afternoon brought not one but TWO naps, which was quite amazing.  We watched our favorite Sunday night program these days of Food Network Star.  Does anyone else watch?  My mom and sisters and I get so fired up to watch this every summer.  Our fingers get quite the workout during the show with texts flying back and forth for the entire hour. 

And now it is Monday of a short week!  I can’t wait to see my family this weekend to celebrate the 4th! 


  1. House hunting is so much fun!! Even looking is really fun lol!! I love the pink dress you wore to brunch!! Thanks for linking up! xo

  2. that skirt is so cute! i love that dress in the first pic too, super cute! yay for house hunting, isnt it so much fun and different seeing things in person rather than online? have a great week!

  3. Good luck house hunting, I think its so much fun. Love your pink dress.

    Best, Mree

  4. Love that skirt you found! I think its great that you are getting started on the house hunting now because it can always be a longer process than we think, plus its great to get an idea of what you both like!

  5. Stopping by from the link up! I LOVE that skirt and need to get to the mall asap and get it! Good luck with the house hunting! We have spent a few months doing it, and getting out there early is huge! Have a fabulous day!


  6. That Gap skirt is adorable! It would look great with a fitted white shirt and a statement necklace!

  7. LOVEEE that skirt that you found!! And so cool that you are house hunting!! Exciting times ahead :) :)