Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June Supper Club & Father’s Day

It was our turn to host supper club this month, and we had a fun night of Italian food, Skip Bo, and dominoes with three fourths of our supper club on Saturday night.  We were missing one couple, but  as I’m sure y’all know, summers can get really busy really fast!  Couple that with the fact that everyone in our supper club is either house hunting, settling into a newly purchased house, or house selling, and it becomes nearly impossible to find a time when all four couples are free. 


I topped these caprese bites with some pesto before serving – they were so simple and I’ve loved munching on the leftovers so far this week.  Our main course was spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and breadsticks.  


Then, my personal favorite of the night – we had tiramisu for dessert.  I was a little nervous about this because I had never made it before, but I was pleased with how it turned out.  I used this recipe, and I highly recommend it! 


I also apparently continued our supper club tradition of taking way too many pictures of the table and no pictures of the people!  Lindsay did snap one of me and Austin towards the end of the night, but I’ve got to do better on getting some group shots at the beginning of the night.  Well Trip did steal my camera and take some pictures… let’s say they were very artsy and not very in focus so none of those are making the blog this time!   

     IMG_4192 IMG_4199

On Sunday we got a text while we were at church that Austin’s parents were going to be passing through Dallas on their way home from a wedding in Mississippi around lunch time, so we were able to have lunch with them on Father’s Day!  We had a tasty lunch at Peggy Sue’s BBQ, and it was such a treat to get to see them for a little bit on Sunday.


Katelyn and I have an exciting announcement for y’all tomorrow about a fun summer project we’ve been working on, so be sure to stop by and check that out tomorrow! 


  1. The table looks great! Also, I love your plates hanging on the dining room wall in the background of that picture. They look so pretty!

  2. I love that you guys do supper club and can keep up with it! Your meal looks delicious.. caprese anything is my favorite :) Sounds like it was a wonderful weekend with friends and family!

  3. I want to do a supper club...this sounds SO fun! xxxx.