Monday, June 2, 2014

Casey’s Graduation Weekend

One sister down and one to go!  We had a ball in Austin this weekend celebrating my sister-in-law’s high school graduation.  The ceremony was on Friday night, and despite some horrendous traffic, we made it to Austin just in time to grab a quick bite with Austin’s parents and other sister, Courtney.  Then we were off to graduation! 



We killed a little bit of time waiting to go inside by taking some pics (somehow I was clearly already startng to get sleepy).  We should have stayed outside longer, because let me tell you it was a meat locker in that building.  I was so cold and was regretting the fact that I forgot to grab a cardigan on our way out the door all night!


Finally Casey crossed the stage (the joys of having a last name that starts with a “W”)!  Ok, now maybe I found what I’m about to show you so hilarious because we were getting mighty close to my bed time and I was getting impatient waiting for Casey’s name to be called, but I am still laughing about this.  One senior literally had a bowl and chopsticks on top of his mortarboard… and as it turned out, he had rice in there too!  When he crossed the stage he reached up and threw a handful of rice into the air.  I don’t think the administration on the stage was thrilled, but it was just so funny to me!  Pardon the blurry picture…


The next morning it was time for presents and party prep! I have to confess that the wrap job on Casey’s presents reminds me a little bit of my graduation party which was full of polka dots and bright colors.  Looks like I still appreciate a good multi-colored dot nine years later.



Casey’s party had several fun touches, and I hate that I didn’t take more pictures.  My mother-in-law, Suann, and I were busy little bees all morning getting things ready.  One cute thing that Suann did was this bulletin board that was set up near the front door for guests to share their “keys to success” with the graduate. 


Suann’s advice was clearly the first one on the board, and I tend to agree – I still call my mom every day, and that is a habit that I started in college!

My in-laws threw a cajun bash for Casey on Saturday, and we all enjoyed the sunny Texas weather outside by their pool all afternoon.  Austin’s uncle boiled a TON of crawfish, corn, and potatoes, and we feasted all afternoon.  The potatoes and corn are always my favorite part of any crawfish boil, and these did not disappoint. 



So glad I married this one and married into such a fun loving family!  The next step for Casey is moving to the big D, and we can’t wait to have her here. 

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