Monday, May 19, 2014

Supper Club & The Byron

Ok, I must admit I’m kind of disappointed in myself for missing 5 on Friday last week.  That is usually my favorite post!  But, here we are at the beginning of a new week, and hopefully I can stay on track.  We had a fun weekend full of some of our favorite things, starting with a date night on Friday.  Austin surprised me and planned the whole thing as a celebration of my new job and our upcoming anniversary.  I am still full from all the delicious food we ate at Bob’s

On Saturday, Austin spent most of the day at the Byron Nelson golf tournament here in Dallas, and I got in a run with my friend Cam and took care of some other errands.  Saturday night we had supper club at Todd and Ali’s house and ate MORE wonderful food – Greek shrimp salad for an appetizer, pesto salmon and pasta for dinner, and one of the tastiest chocolate desserts I’ve ever had in my life.  I think I heard Ali call it “death by chocolate,” and that would most definitely be an appropriate name.  So amazing.

GS and DBC

Ali’s table looked so pretty and summery, plus y’all know I was loving her bird napkin rings!  I also loved those little glass bowls – you may not be able to tell, but they were footed.  So perfect for her salad appetizer and the dessert. 

Ali's Table

We ended the night with a wild game of Taboo.  We usually play a game after dinner, and I think our true colors are starting to show because we seem to getting more and more competitive each month!

On Sunday after church, I joined Austin at the Byron Nelson for the afternoon, and we had a beautiful day to enjoy some golf.  Thankfully, we could pop in and out of Austin’s company’s skybox, because I sure could not have made it the four hours that we were there without that blessed air conditioning, snacks, and bottomless ice chest of water.


I’d say it was a successful weekend in big D with some of my favorite people and favorite foods.  Can’t wait to celebrate three years with my favorite husband in just a few days! 


  1. YUM to that food! Looks like a wonderful weekend! Happy Monday :)

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! I've never been to a golf tournament but they always look like a good time.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I want to start a supper club! Blue and yellow were our wedding colors so I adore the table-scape! xoxo

  4. What a fun weekend! That table set up is so cute, and I LOVE Taboo!! Also, my friend actually caddy's for the guy that ended up winning, so we watched a lot of that tournament on TV :)

  5. I was wondering where you were on Friday! Having lots of fun and a wonderful weekend I see ;)