Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day Weekend 2014

We had a fantastic weekend in Dallas that kicked off with a Rangers game on Friday night.  We watched the Rangers pull off an exciting win against the Boston Red Sox with some of our friends from church.  The game was almost a no-hitter!  I’m pretty sure Austin jinxed Yu Darvish for the second time this season when he started talking about the game being a no-hitter. I’ve quickly learned that that is not something one should ever speak of!  We love these friends, and I’m so glad we finally got a group picture with all four couples.  We have supper club this next weekend with these peeps, and I’m already looking forward to it.


IMG_3971 IMG_3970


Saturday was a super productive day at home for me.  Sometimes I just need a day with no plans other than housework to actually get some stuff done around here!  It doesn’t make for the best blogging material, but it makes for a short to-do list heading into the week, and I’m thankful that I had a day to do mundane things like cleaning and ironing and laundry.  I feel so much better going into the week with all of that behind me. 


On Sunday we were thrilled to have Austin’s parents and sister join us at church and for lunch and a visit!  It was such a treat to get to see them on Mother’s Day.  Austin helped me with a lot of the cooking prep on Saturday, and we had a great meal here after church.  I love any excuse to set the table, so bear with me through all the pictures! 

IMG_3992 IMG_3993

IMG_3996 IMG_3998 

IMG_3999 IMG_4001

Austin helped me decide on PW’s tortilla roll-up appetizers, and he was a big help in putting those together.  We also had sausage and grits quiche, glazed blueberry lemon scones, my favorite spinach salad, and strawberry mint lemonade. 

IMG_4005 IMG_4009

IMG_4006 IMG_4007


IMG_4011 IMG_4013

IMG_4018 IMG_4019

We ended their quick visit with a stop at Austin’s sister’s soon-to-be new home when she moves to Dallas later this year for college.  We can’t wait to have her so close in just a few short months.  

Hope your Mother’s Day weekend was wonderful, too!


  1. im so distracted by all of the food. haha! seriously, how cute are you all! sounds like a fab weekend.

  2. I'm hungry now. And your table is just gorgeous! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  3. Love the table settings! Are those Pottery Barn?? We are in the process of registering and they look familiar, but haven't picked out any linens yet!

  4. Everything looks so delicious! Also really loving your white plates! SO cute! Looks like it was a wonderful weekend :)

  5. That lunch spread is VERY impressive! I love the table setting, and the food looks absolutely delicious! And I thought I was doing well if we weren't eating on paper plates! Hahaha ;)

    I hope you're having a great week!

  6. That strawberry mint lemonade looks amazing!! And you always have the best table settings :)