Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend 2014

Our weekend so far has been a perfect balance of relaxing at home and being out and about doing fun things with friends.  Love those weekends!  And I’m loving this extra day today to knock out some lingering items on my to-do list. 

Friday night Austin refereed a scrimmage, and I had a very early night that consisted of me falling asleep on the couch at approximately 8pm.  It was pretty glorious.  Saturday morning we got some errands done, and then we got ready to go to a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Oscar.  His wife Brooke planned for the first part of the party to be at a place where everyone played whirlyball for a couple of hours, and then after that we all went to Brooke & Oscar’s house for a cook out in their back yard.  Brooke had everything decorated so so so cute in their yard!  She is such a good hostess – and she’s also 7 months pregnant! 




The guys particularly enjoyed whirlyball – it was pretty rough, and I was definitely a little sore on Sunday morning!  If you’re not familiar with this lovely game, it is basically lacrosse in bumper cars.  And the bumper cars have no brakes, so it is non-stop slamming into people.  Violent!

The backyard dinner was more my speed, and I was so impressed with all of Brooke’s cute details!  Austin was impressed with Oscar’s new fishing kayak (and also pretty jealous). 


IMG_4056 IMG_4057

IMG_4058 IMG_4059



IMG_4064 IMG_4067

IMG_4068 IMG_4066


Happy 30th, Oscar and thanks for a wonderful party, Brooke!

On Sunday we got to squeeze in more friend time after church when we had lunch with a couple from our Sunday school class at one of my Dallas favorites, The Corner Market.  I tried their salad trio for the first time, and I think I found my new go-to for when I’m not in the mood for one of their delightful sandwiches. 

Corner Market Lunch

We managed to sneak in a quick Sunday afternoon nap that was pretty wonderful, and then before we knew it, it was time to pick up Katey and Casey to head north to Mexican Sugar in Plano for a dinner date with some of my oldest and best friends.  We met our other friend Katie and her husband Jeremy at the restaurant, and we had such a good time catching up with them and visiting.  Katie and Jeremy are having a little girl in July!  We’re so excited for them!  I have known these two for a long long time, and I’m so glad that we all live so close to each other now after life has taken us all over the place the last ten or so years.

Mexican Sugar 5-25-14

This morning we hit up the Katy Trial to try and run off some of that good food we’ve been eating.  There was an event going on called “Carry the Load,” and it appeared to be veterans walking in honor of their fallen friends and family.  The whole trail was lined with American flags, and it was a humbling way to start the morning on this Memorial Day.  I’m glad we got to observe that as we started our day. 

We barely finished our run before the rain started, and unfortunately I think it is supposed to rain on and off all day today, so my plans for the pool are not looking to great.  Maybe the sun will come out soon! 


  1. What a fun weekend! Love all those cute details at the 30th party!

  2. Everything from the birthday party is adorable! My husband isn't going to turn 30 for 2 more years but I'm already starting to think of things I want to do for his party :) He'd probably love whirlyball.. what guy wouldn't?! Happy Memorial Day!

  3. That party is too cute, I cannot believe she is 7months pregnant! AHhh! Your weekend looked like so much fun! Cheers to a great week!

  4. What an exciting weekend! The 30th birthday party looked fantastic from all the decorations to the cupcake spread! So glad you got to spend this long weekend with your beautiful friends and got some rest too!