Friday, May 23, 2014

5 on Friday – Vol. 35

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness


ONE – We had a wonderful anniversary on Wednesday, and I was so surprised when Austin showed up at my work with a gorgeous flower arrangement that just so happened to include all of the flowers we had at our wedding.  So so sweet!  These have made my office smell absolutely heavenly, and I love looking at them all day while I’m working. 



TWO – Ok who watches Revenge?  I just saw the season finale earlier this week, and I still can’t get over it.  Is David really alive?!  I’m so confused and I literally devoted a decent amount of my brain power today to this giant mystery.  Any ideas?  Any other Revenge fans?  Somehow I haven’t let myself get lost in the black hole of Google just yet on this.   

THREE – We are trying a new restaurant with friends on Sunday night – I can’t wait to catch up with some of my favorites that I haven’t seen in far too long! 

FOUR – Magazine week.  Does anyone else get every magazine they subscribe to within about three days of each other?  Seriously, I have an unread Real Simple, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, and D Magazine all waiting for me.  Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend!  I’m hoping to squeeze in one trip to the pool to get a little color and make a dent in this ever-growing pile of magazines.  I shouldn’t act like it is a chore – I love magazines, and I’m excited to have some down time this weekend to read them!


FIVE – Saw this on Pinterest and couldn’t resist the re-pin.  GWTW is my favorite movie in the world.  This reminded me that I haven’t watched in a while… probably need to remedy that soon and make Austin watch it with me.  {source}

MM Gumption Quote

Happy Friday friends!  Enjoy the long weekend ahead. 


  1. Happy Anniversary!! The flowers your hubby got you are gorgeous! I was shocked by that "Revenge" finale too!! Can't wait to see what happens next! Isn't that funny how magazines always seem to show up at the same time?! lol. Hope you enjoy some time relaxing this long weekend flipping through them! Have a fab Memorial Day!

  2. Bonus points to your husband for sending you a flower arrangement made up of flowers from your wedding! They are gorgeous. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

  3. Love that your flowers were made up of your wedding colors! So cute! Glad that you all had a great anniversary and I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!

  4. Happy {belated} anniversary, those flowers are beautiful and your husband gets extra points for ordering them in your wedding colors, so sweet! Love a good mail day, have a fabulous weekend.

  5. Beautiful flowers!!! Love that he ordered the same ones from your wedding - so sweet! And #5 totally makes me want to curl up tonight and watch Gone With the Wind... that may be just what I end up doing :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Happy Friday, Emily! The flowers are so stunning! What a sweetheart to get you flowers from your wedding. I hope your anniversary was wonderful...always so romantic! Enjoy your long weekend and your poolside reading!

  7. Happy Anniversary!!! Those flowers are gorgeous. Love G&G and I'm like you...trying to find a time to read it. Have a great Memorial Day!

  8. Loving your blog about as much as I love Revenge...which is a lot! I could not believe the season finale.... Talk about a shocker when it was David in the van!! Ahhhh! Happy Anniversary Love and enjoy the long weekend! Cheers for new Followers!

  9. High five to the hubs for those flowers---SO sweet! Enjoy your long weekend, friend :)

  10. hey lady! been a follower of your blog for a while now. i just recently nominated you for a liebster award. check out this post to keep it going. can't wait to read yours! :)

  11. What a sweet hubby to get you the same flowers from your wedding! So thoughtful! AND on the topic of Revenge, what was that! I was so shocked and seriously don't understand if David is still alive? or how they are bringing that one back?? Oh, the season premiere in the fall will be good, that's for sure!