Friday, May 9, 2014

5 on Friday – Vol. 34

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness!  And a special Happy Mother’s Day to the hostesses as well!  I was so thrilled to see Christina’s little girl make her sweet debut on Instagram this week, and hoping to get to “meet” April’s little one via Instagram any day now. 


ONE – Happy Birthdays & Happy Mother’s Days.  This week, my grandmother celebrated a birthday, my sister celebrated a birthday, and of course this weekend we celebrate our moms on Mother’s Day! 

DSC_9037 DSC_9176

Mother's Day


Happy birthday to Mel (top left), happy birthday to Mammo (tiny redhead on the far right of the picture with all three of my wonderful grandmothers), happy Mother’s Day to my beautiful mom and to Suann, my wonderful mother-in-law!  Y’all know I love any excuse for wedding pics!

TWO – Continuing in the spirit of Mother’s Day, we are excited to host Austin’s parents on Sunday!  They are driving up to go to church with us Sunday morning, and then we are having lunch/brunch at our house.  I can’t wait to set my table and get going on the menu tomorrow.  On the menu: ham, spinach, and gruyere quiche, blueberry lemon scones, spinach salad, and one TBD appetizer – any suggestions?! 

I have some flowers left over from last week’s baby shower that I might see if I can repurpose for our lunch.  I’ve been loving them all week! 

IMG_3964 IMG_3967

THREE – I was happy to receive my giant bottle of ink I ordered earlier this week – I might have practiced my calligraphy on some Mother’s Day cards that are en route right now.  In a major blogger fail, I did not take a picture of either card, but I don’t think I would post them until next week anyway since the cards haven’t made their way to our moms just quite yet (hopefully tomorrow!).  Hopefully having this huge bottle of ink will inspire practice, practice, practice. 


FOUR – We had some CRAZY weather in Dallas yesterday!  I’m talking the kind of weather that had me sitting in my car waiting for the sideways rain to let up before I would dare venture out to run into my building.  I was driving back from some hearings and got a tornado warning on my iPhone (why do they make that sound so scary?).  Not the best driving conditions.  Thankfully I think it may have washed away some of the nasty pollen that has been torturing me!


FIVE – Today is my LAST day of work at my current job, and I start my new job on Monday!  I am sure today will be a bittersweet day, and I’m looking forward to lunch with some co-workers.  I started taking down some of the stuff on the walls of my office yesterday, and it is kind of depressing in there, so I’m glad I waited until the last minute to do that.  I feel like today is the “last day of school” and Monday is the “first day of school.”  Too bad that makes for a two day “summer!” 

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  1. What an exciting week for your family!! Happy Birthday to your grandmother and sister, and wishes for a beautiful Mother's Day as you host your hubby's parents for a day of celebrating! Have a great LAST day at your current job today - woohoo! I hope your new job gets off to a fantastic start next week!! All the best to you, Emily!! xxoo

  2. Ah! I had no idea Christina's little one had arrived! Love your wedding photos pretty lady and I hope you guys have a great Mother's Day weekend! (Good luck on Monday!!!) xoxo

  3. Your Sunday brunch sounds amazing!! So much to celebrate for all of you :) And I had to laugh - any excuse for wedding pictures - I'm the same way! I practically look at them everyday! Have a great weekend and enjoy your last day today!

  4. You have such a gorgeous family! Beautiful wedding photos! Enjoy your Sunday brunch!
    Happy Weekend to you, Emily!