Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter for Two

Easter, I can’t believe you’re over already!  I’m not going to take down my Easter decorations for at least a few more days – now I’ll just refer to them as “spring” decorations. 


We tried a good old self-timer picture before church Sunday morning, which I guess is just what you do when you’re on your own for Easter.  We also managed to avoid the Sunday morning “discussion” about getting out the door on time that we sometimes have, so that was a pleasant Easter occurrence!  Sunday school and the church service were both wonderful today.  I always love how joyful everyone seems on Easter.  Everyone I encountered when I was greeting at the worship center doors Sunday morning had a smile and seemed genuinely happy to be there. 

I had grand plans to take some pictures with friends in Sunday school, but we kind of ran out of time, so all I came home with on my camera was another one of me and Austin.  Oh well, Easter outfits are my favorite!


We came home from church and put the finishing touch on lunch – deviled eggs, ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, rolls, and pound cake for dessert.  I talked to my mom later yesterday afternoon and realized that she had fixed an almost identical menu!  That doesn’t really surprise me, but it made me smile to think that our Easter celebrations were at least similar even though we weren’t together. 




We set our table for two, which I’m ashamed to say doesn’t happen all that often, and enjoyed a wonderful lunch together.  We probably don’t have many Easters left of just the two of us, and it was crazy to think about how our little world might change in years to come. 


Then we ate and both took a lovely 2+ hour nap!  Sunday evening we read magazines and played cards on our porch, and it was so nice to just spend some time at home before the craziness of another week starts. 

Oh and I completely did not mention Saturday in this post at all, and that is probably because I didn’t take a single picture, but our run was so much fun.  Everything went so smoothly, and the race atmosphere was just awesome – this was the first year for our church to put this race on, and we had over 900 runners!  Austin and I finished in 33:40 which was an 8:25 minute mile pace, and were thrilled with that.  Running in a race with people we know seemed to have made us more competitive, because that pace is quite a bit faster than we usually run.  Needless to say, we were pretty tired the rest of Saturday after running and then helping with the clean up and take down of the event. 

It was a wonderful weekend with a pretty much perfect balance of fellowship with friends, good food, good weather, and quality time at home.  These weekends are my favorite!


  1. You look stunning! And your lunch looks absolutely perfect. Hope your Easter for 2 was fabulous!

  2. Y'all are the cutest!!!! What a happy Easter! xx

  3. Sounds great!! I think I was wearing the same nail polish this weekend :)

  4. Love that bow on your dress. Perfect for spring!

  5. Sounds like such an amazing day! You guys are so cute. We had an easter for two as well. I missed family but it was so great to just be the two of us. Special times!

  6. Love your dress!! And it is so fun that you and your mama had the same menu :)

  7. Your Easter dress is perfect!

  8. Love your dress! And your lunch for 2 looks delightful. Glad you had a relaxing day!

  9. You guys look great and your lunch looks amazing! It was just my husband and I for Easter this year, too and we also commented on how it will probably be our first/last year of that happening! Sounds like the perfect weekend and congrats on the race finish :)

  10. We have the punctuality discussion nearly every Sunday. Sigh. Your table looks beautiful! I love the individual potatoes. Just perfect. Sounds like a perfectly lovely Easter afternoon.

  11. You both looked FABULOUS! Glad it was a great Easter! xoxo

  12. Love your dress! Sounds like y'all had a lovely weekend! Love that you and your mama fixed almost the same lunch! -xo

  13. You and your hubby make such a cute pair!! (: I adore your fabulous dress!! So glad you enjoyed a lovely Easter! xo