Monday, April 28, 2014

Color Run & Weekend Fun

Well we survived the color run!  It was messy and crazy and hot, but we had a great time – thank you for the tips you shared on Friday.  Some of them sure came in handy! 

But let me back up a bit and recap our weekend in order.  I drove home on Friday and made it to town just in time to meet my mom at her school for lunch.  Her class and the other classes in her grade level were celebrating being done with their standardized testing for the year and were having a play day outside.  We got to chat for a bit, eat lunch, and I had the all-time cutest ice cream cone ever!  I’m now on a mission to find some of these little cuties for my freezer at home.  They were the perfect size for a summer treat! 

photo 1  

I went home and met my sister, Mary Katherine, at home after she was done with school for the day, and we caught up and worked on some planning for Aggieland (she will be a freshman at A&M in the fall!).  I also admired all of the cute eggs and nests and flowers around my mom’s house.  Clearly I get my love of those things honestly.

IMG_3845 IMG_3846

IMG_3849  IMG_3851

IMG_3853 IMG_3852

Those roses are from her yard – reason 1473892 that I cannot wait to have a yard.  She is going to need to teach me some gardening skills though!

Friday night we had one of our favorite easy springtime pasta dishes and a salad that I absolutely love.  I bought the ingredients at the grocery store once I got home to recreate it and I’ve been wondering every since Friday why it has taken me this long?  The dressing is to die for!


Saturday morning we were up bright and EARLY to head to College Station for our run.  We got there early, picked up our packets, got a great parking spot, and killed some time taking selfies before we ran. 

IMG_3858 photo 3

Then we ran and got covered in colored powder!  I’m not sure I’ll ever feel the need to do another one of these, but I’m glad we did it together.  I’m super proud of MK for training and making it through her first 5k!

photo 1 (1) photo 2 (1)

photo 4

We got cleaned up and made a quick Hobby Lobby run and a stop for smoothies for the trip home.  My mom packed us some sassy water in mason jars to enjoy on the ride home as well – so refreshing!  We were exhausted when we got home and both took naps.  Saturday afternoon my mom and I worked on some crafts for the baby shower I am helping host this coming weekend, and I helped MK put together some things for sorority recruitment.  It was a fun and productive afternoon!  Sunday morning I sadly said goodbye and headed back to Dallas.  Austin and I met two other couples for lunch and the other wives and I did some planning for next weekend’s baby shower. 

Once we came home, I got busy on some chicken pot pie that we took to friends who just had a sweet baby boy.  We dropped their supper off and made a grocery store run yesterday evening, and that about sums up our weekend!  Hope yours was lovely as well. 

IMG_3861  IMG_3863


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! That sassy water looks super refreshing!! Xo

  2. The color run looks fun. My mom also has an amazing green thumb me, not so much! Hoping to learn soon though.

  3. So glad you had fun doing the color run! Love the decorations at your mom's house...I could use some gardening tips too haha! Hope you're having a great week :)

  4. sassy water, hobby lobby, gorgeous roses...can it get any better?? :)

  5. you had me at the first pic. lol. i am jealous of your colour run! fun!