Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Birchbox Treats

Birchbox reigns supreme as the birthday gift that keeps on giving from my sweet sister-in-law, Courtney.  I was so excited to get home and see my box when I got the email notification that it had been delivered last week.


My box contained a new-to-me flavor of KIND bar (love those little guys!), some spray-on leave in conditioner, a sample of CC cream, mint nail polish (perfect for spring), and some purple eyeliner. 

I promptly devoured the KIND bar within a day or two, and it was a perfect mid-morning snack.  I’m trying to reduce my gluten intake, so it really came at a convenient time! 

My nails are light pink right now, but I think this little guy might get his turn to shine in an at home mani session this weekend. 

I used the CC cream on Saturday instead of foundation and was pleased with it.  Putting on makeup on the weekends, other than for church on Sunday, is one of my least favorite things ever, so it was nice to be able to get away with a little less than usual since I had several errands to run. 

Oddly enough I found myself in a conversation with two other girls at church on Sunday about colored eyeliner.  I mentioned that I got the purple (it is really more of a “plum” I guess) in my Birchbox, and I didn’t think it would go very well with my coloring.  Then I had the brilliant idea to give it to my friend Ali, who was involved in this eyeliner convo, because it will look so good on her!  So, that is what I plan to do with that. :)  And finally, I haven’t gotten a chance to try the conditioner yet, but probably will this weekend at some point. 


What other box subscriptions should I know about?  I think they might become my new go-to gift idea since there seem to be so many different box-of-the-month options out there! 

P.S. Yet another reason I love BB – the actual boxes that everything comes in are perfect for wrapping other gifts!


  1. Great little treasures in this one! I've never had a KIND bar -- definitely going to give those a try!

  2. This is making me want a birchbox subscription! xx.

  3. I've gotten just about everything you have in that box before! Love the leave in conditioner and the CC cream! I got a silver eyeliner in my box this month that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I think I'll pass mine on, too!

  4. Kind bars are so yummy!! I haven't seen that flavor before - looking forward to trying it! Xo

  5. Great box. I love Kind bars as a go to snack!