Monday, April 14, 2014

A Bright Baby Shower for Kara

My first baby shower to hostess this spring has come and gone, and we had such a fun time celebrating Kara and baby Kalli!  We had the shower at our church on Sunday afternoon, which worked out well since most of us were at church most of the day yesterday anyway.  Also, since our church is downtown, it was nice to have the shower in a central location that was as convenient as possible for everyone. 

Because the shower was in the middle of the afternoon, we kept it simple in the food department and just served fresh fruit with fruit dip, veggies and dip, and teeny tiny bundt cakes.  I left some of the cakes plain, topped some with a lemon and orange glaze, and topped the rest with a strawberry glaze.  We also had citrus water and pink lemonade to drink. 

IMG_3780  IMG_3776

 IMG_3777 IMG_3774 IMG_3764 IMG_3766

The mason jars and striped straws were a fun touch.  Ever since Emily’s St. Patrick’s Day engagement party when I discovered the magic of paper straws, I’ve been kind of obsessed.  I have bunches of these pink ones left over, so I’ll be over here drinking smoothies and anything else I can think to liquefy if you need me. ;)

I have to give a huge shout out to my mom who made the cute name banner that we hung above the food table and the precious Kalli Jo canvas for the table!  Kara took both of these home with her to use in the nursery, and I think she loved them just as much as I did.


IMG_3770 IMG_3769

IMG_3809 IMG_3803

(I am embarrassed to tell y’all how many pictures I took of those sweet little pink birds on the ends!)

One of my co-hostesses, Brooke, did a great job coming up with games and activities for us to do during the shower.  Our other co-hostess, Sarah, brought fun balloons that we used to decorate the gift table and Kara’s chair where she sat to open gifts.  Sarah also facilitated the games after we realized that she would have absolutely smoked us all in a nursery rhyme game.  She has a six month old and has clearly been reading nursery rhymes for the past six months straight! 

IMG_3784 IMG_3791

IMG_3782 IMG_3783

We played the nursery rhyme game that I mentioned above and a “Price is Right” game where guests had to guess the prices of various baby essentials.  This was surprisingly hilarious, and a bonus was that Kara got to take everything home with her after the shower!  Brooke also printed off cute little cards for us to write wishes for Kara and the baby.  We also had a little station where guests could write messages on diapers to hopefully provide a little comic relief in the wee hours of the morning when Kara is up changing diapers. 

IMG_3767 IMG_3790

I probably shouldn’t admit this on the world wide web, but I wrote one that said “I’m sleeping really good right now ;) xoxo – Emily.”  I am sure that will come back to haunt me one day!

IMG_3768 IMG_3793


Kara got so many cute, tiny, girly gifts!  We had a ball ooohing and ahhing over each one.  Brooke (on the left) is also pregnant, and her shower is up next!  She is having a baby boy, so hers will be totally opposite of this one, but I am equally as excited to help host that in just a few weeks.   



Have a great week everyone!  I’m glad I at least had something bright and cheery to blog about today since the weather here in Dallas is anything but bright and cheery.  I’m hoping that spring will come on back in the next day or two! 


  1. Such a cute baby shower! I may be partial though just because she has the same name as I do :)

  2. Such a cute and very Springy shower! Love it!

  3. Looks like you did such a good job hosting! So many cute ideas.

  4. So cute! You did an incredible job -- the decor is perfect!

  5. The decor is so cute! You did a wonderful job!

  6. aww the decorations are so cute! great job xo jillian - cornflake dreams

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