Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekend on Wheels

We made a quick trip to Austin this weekend to celebrate Austin’s mom’s 50th birthday with his family.  Saturday I think we spent more time on wheels than we did on our feet!  We went on a segway tour with Austin’s family on Saturday afternoon, and then went to a roller skating rink for a surprise birthday party that night.  Austin’s mom, Suann, was big into roller skating when she was growing up, so her sister and niece incorporated that into the party they put together for her. 

IMG_3666 IMG_3667

The segway tour started right near the Texas state capitol, which is always fun to see.  We rode all around downtown Austin and decided that we want to kayak at Town Lake and make a trip downtown to do some shopping next time we are there.  Downtown Austin was hopping on Saturday afternoon – quite the striking difference from downtown Dallas which is basically dead all weekend and after business hours during the week. 




None of us had been on roller skates in ages, and some of us (Austin) were too scared to skate on anything other than roller blades.  One funny thing I noticed – everyone in Austin called roller blades “in-line skates.”  I had never heard that before?!  I am fascinated by subtle little differences in terminology like that – but I’m getting off track :)  The party was definitely an adventure with little kids whizzing by on skates in every direction, but I think we all made it without any major falls!  We did the hokey pokey, some “races,” and my personal favorite, limbo.  Thankfully, there is no photographic evidence of the limbo – I’m sure it we looked less than graceful.

IMG_3681   IMG_3689

IMG_3692 IMG_3700

IMG_3693 IMG_3703


It was quite the adventurous weekend, and we had a fun time celebrating!  We came back to Dallas on Sunday and made it in time to have a little time at home to get some things done before our Sunday night date night at church – this week we had an instructor teach us some country western dance moves.  We had the best time!  The class lasted for an hour and a half, and we were legitimately tired at the end – it was kind of a good workout.  I think my normal routine of work and household chores this week is going to be quite boring compared to our weekend of segways, roller skating, and two stepping! 


  1. This looks like such a fun weekend! I haven't been roller skating in YEARS!

  2. I've always wanted to try a segway tour! And the last time I rollerbladed was when I was 12 -- I fell, cracked my lowest vertebrae, and haven't been since! But it looks like you had a blast! Cheers to a fun weekend! xo

  3. I have always wanted to take a segway tour! This looks like so much fun :-) I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  4. What a fun weekend! Now I want to go rollerskating