Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday – Vol. 26

I guess it is pretty appropriate that today is my 26th Five on Friday post as I’m drafting this on my last day to be 26 ever again (Thursday)!  The crazy person inside me really wishes that I was posting “Vol. 27” on my 27th birthday, but I will just have to get over that.  After our fun weekend with my family, I feel like we haven’t really done anything “blog worthy” this week, but this weekend should remedy that! 

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.


ONE – Happy Birthday to me!  And happy day of NOT being at work :)  I think taking off work on your birthday is the best idea ever, so I implemented it this year.  Also having my birthday fall on a Friday is a good thing.  Austin and I are enjoying a quiet morning before I head to Mississippi later this morning.   


bday cards 2 I love birthday cards! 

Audra flowers 

I had coffee with a friend earlier this week, and she brought me these pretty flowers –they have been making me happy on my desk at work ever since.

TWO – I’m stopping in Ruston to have lunch with my grandparents on my trip today, and I can’t wait!  We are having fried catfish and what I hear is some pretty amazing bread pudding for dessert.  Yum!

THREE – I just realized that my day is pretty much consisting of driving and eating today – and I’m ok with that.  Tonight I have a dinner planned with some of my Jackson friends that I miss so very much living over here in Texas – I can’t wait to see them!  It was such a fun coincidence that the party I’m helping with tomorrow happened to fall on my birthday weekend, giving me the chance to spend some time in my favorite city. 


FOUR – Tomorrow’s party will be a fun reunion with all of my law school friends – I can’t wait!  I still don’t know what I’m going to wear that is green though – probably need to figure that out ASAP!  Can’t wait to show y’all a pic of the cute banner my mom made in action. 


FIVE – My nails have been this pretty lavender shade almost all week, and I realized that they were this color last year when I was celebrating my birthday as well – maybe this is my birthday nail polish color?  It makes me feel all kinds of springy, and I’m always more than ready for spring to be here to stay when my birthday rolls around!

bd mani 2

I’m off to pack – hope y’all have a great weekend! 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I would feel the same way about 27 on 27, so don't feel bad. Sounds like you have such a fun weekend planned! I'm also loving those lavender nails, I was torn between a lavender or mint green yesterday at Ulta. The mint won out due to St. Patty's day but now I think I need to go get the lavender! Have a wonderful weekend birthday girl!

    Caitlin C

  2. Happy Birthday! Came across your blog through the link-up! Have a wonderful weekend!:)

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome birthday weekend!

    Tattered to Taylored

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy Birthday! Looks like you have a fun weekend in store - enjoy it!

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope it's a great one. :) I totally love that nail color... lavender is just so pretty!

    xo Always, Abby

  7. Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fun weekend celebrating it!

  8. HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Sounds like you have a fabulous celebratory weekend planned! Enjoy!! :)

  9. Happy Birthday, sounds like it'll be fabulous! Love that nail color and your cute floral dress in the pic above. Have a great weekend celebrating! : )

  10. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have an amazing birthday weekend!! :) :)

  11. Hope your birthday weekend was wonderful!!!

  12. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a great weekend! :)