Monday, February 10, 2014

Party Pics by iPhone

We kicked off our weekend with pizza night and the opening ceremonies from Sochi on Friday night.  The decision was made that Friday night pizza night is going to be a new tradition – I am 100% on board with that!  After long work weeks for both of us, we didn’t make it through the entire opening ceremony, but it was fun to watch some of it.  I felt really bad for the poor person who was in charge of those snowflakes that expanded into rings when only four did what they were supposed to do! 

Our day on Saturday consisted of work for Austin and some errands for me.  The Junior League volunteer fair was Saturday, and I went to that to learn more about some of the agencies and start thinking about what my placement might be for next year.  The fair was at Northpark, so I popped into a few stores afterwards. I then met a friend for lunch at Breadwinners which is always a treat!  I made a few more stops after leaving the mall, and then came home.  Austin got home shortly after I did, and Saturday night we went to our Sunday school party at our friends Todd and Ali’s house.  Ali had everything decorated so so cute!  I couldn’t believe I forgot my real camera, but I couldn’t resist taking some iPhone pics.

photo 3 (2) photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1) photo 1 (2)

photo 1

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

photo 5 (1) photo 2

photo 3 photo 5

We had a baked potato bar with every single yummy thing you can possibly think of to go on top of a baked potato, Valentine’s petit fours, Shirley Temples and cute bottled root beer to sip, and Ali even sent us home with the most fun and festive party favors.  She is such a wonderful hostess, and I’m so thankful she heads up all things social for our class! 

We played Cranium after dinner and ended up staying out pretty late (for us) on a Saturday – Sunday morning came mighty early!  We went to church as usual and then had a meeting afterwards.  Our Sunday afternoon was pretty productive, and it was nice to have a little bit of time at home.  The weekends just fly by so quickly, and I kind of can’t believe that it is already Monday again.  Hope y’all have a great week!


  1. I fell asleep during the opening ceremonies as well! And the snowflake debacle...bad news for that guy :(

  2. This spread looks awesome! Tulips are my favorite flower, you must have good taste ;)

  3. What a great spread! Those tulips are beautiful too. What a blessing to have good times with great friends!


  4. Hi Emily!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! To find out all about it go here...

    Hope you are having a great day!

  5. This all looks amazing! Sounds like the perfect weekend! I've been hearing a lot about the Junior League club lately and we have a chapter here in Chicago... would you recommend it?