Monday, February 3, 2014

One Super Weekend

Don’t you just love when weekends are the perfect balance of relaxing and productive?  We were lucky enough to enjoy one of those gems of a weekend these past few days.  I feel like we got so much accomplished, we spent time with friends on both Saturday and Sunday evenings, but we also ran errands and had plenty of down time at home.  Perfection!

One of my first orders of business was flipping over all of my cards to show the February cards from years past that Mom has sent me.  I should be getting the 2014 card this week, and I can’t wait!


We started Saturday with a long morning at our kitchen table planning out our day, which for me included making a grocery list and just a “weekend to do list” as well.  Austin got a little bit of work done, then we left late that morning to run some errands – a haircut for him, grocery store for me.  We came home and I fixed some cheesy bacon pinwheels to take to a get together on Saturday night and some cupcakes for the Super Bowl party we went to on Sunday.  A couple from church is moving to a new town next weekend, and they had a few friends over on Saturday for dinner.  It was such a good time of fellowship with some of our great First Dallas friends!


These little guys couldn’t be easier – thanks for the last minute Saturday morning recipe, Mom!  They are crescent roll dough, cream cheese, grated sharp cheese bacon, and green onion – basically all things good in the world.  We also had some yummy spinach dip, delicious pork carnitas and guacamole, and then an amazing dessert that was a layer of cheesecake in between two chocolate chip cookies! 

Sunday morning was church as usual – it is always good to be at First Dallas on Sunday mornings!  We had some vegetable soup that had been cooking away in the crock pot while we were at church for lunch when we got home.  The temps were super cold in Dallas this weekend, so the soup really hit the spot and warmed us right up!  I am so looking forward to leftover soup in my lunches all week. 

After lunch I got to work on decorating my cupcakes and started making some valentines as well.  My table was an explosion of pink, red, and white paper – quite festive!  Originally, I planned to just decorate the cupcakes with colored sprinkles that matched the team colors of the Broncos and Seahawks, but when I couldn’t find orange sprinkles anywhere, I called an audible and decided to make some little flags in team colors instead. 

IMG_3363 IMG_3364


 IMG_3368 IMG_3361

I used my sister’s cupcake and frosting recipe, and they were a hit at the party!  I came home with five, so I’m thinking one a day for the rest of the week!?  I should probably take these last five to work today… we’ll see. 

We went to a Super Bowl party at our friends Brooke and Oscar’s NEW house! Brooke had everything fixed so cute, and we loved getting to catch up with them.  We left at halftime because we were a little concerned about ice on the roads getting home (they live about 30 minutes away).  Thankfully we made it home safely and finished watching that atrocious game here.  I’m not really into the NFL, but that sure wasn’t what I expected?!  I felt really bad for Peyton and the Broncos after that game. 


Happy February friends!


  1. I love the productive/relaxing weekends as well, nothing better!

    Thanks for taking pity on my poor Broncos, that was just an embarrassment of a game. And as for those pinwheel things, I think I could eat about a bazillion of those things, so good!

  2. CUTEST cupcakes!!! Well, YOU are the cutest too! :)

  3. Oh man, all of the food you were talking about sounds so utterly delicious! You're making me hungry and it's not even lunchtime!

  4. yum! those pinwheels look so good!