Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hooray for Wednesday

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, other than Friday of course, because it generally always means that things are on the downhill slope for me at work – my Mondays and Tuesdays are always my busiest days, and I always welcome Wednesday with open arms.  Also, the weekend is in sight! 


I had a hard time letting go of these pretties that went in the mail earlier this week.  I’m dying to post the insides of these beauties, but that will have to wait until Friday when they’ve all hopefully been received.  Really and truly, I kept these on my desk until the mail was about to leave for the day just so I could stare at them.  The stamps and the pink envelopes and my beginner calligraphy was making me quite happy.  I had the best night practicing my calligraphy and making some valentines earlier this week.  That needs to become a regular occurrence in my weeknight evenings.   


The one hiccup in my week so far is some technology drama – ugh, the worst!  The wi-fi on my phone just stopped working a few weeks ago, and after a visit to the Apple store earlier this week I found out that my only option is to get a new phone, which, let’s be honest –there is never a convenient time for that, but considering I’m smack dab in the middle of our contract and not technically eligible for an upgrade makes things even less fun. 

Oh, and at the Apple store they wiped my phone completely clean with the promise that I could restore everything from my last backup, which was just last weekend on iTunes.  I tried last night and none of my apps came back, so I’m kind of bummed about that.  But all my pictures and contacts are there, which is a good thing.  Thank goodness for Instagram, Feedly, and Pinterest on my iPad.  I am not even all that tech-savvy, so I’m hoping Austin may be able to find some trick to get them back for me – cross your fingers for me!   

See y’all on Friday with my 5!


  1. Oh no - that sucks about your phone! I wish I could be of some help but I still can't navigate through iTunes. Every time I go to sync I have to try it 50 different ways before it finally works and I can't ever remember which was successful - haha! I absolutely love your snail mail too. I would love to learn calligraphy - did you get a kit?
    Have a great rest of your week!

  2. Get it with that calligraphy girlie! It's gorgeous!!!!! Can't wait to see what's inside!! xx

  3. love the envelopes - i wanna know more about this calligraphy. i want to teach myself so bad!

  4. I think if you go to re-download the apps in the app store that you paid for they will download for free.. if that helps any...

  5. Your calligraphy looks gorgeous!! I could never do that--I blame being left-handed but that's probably just an excuse.

  6. Can we PLEASE talk about your calligraphy?!?!? GORGEOUS!

  7. These are BEAUTIFUL! I would hardly categorize that as beginner work! Very talented!