Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bird Nest Subscription Box #1

So I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was the lucky winner of a 3 month subscription to the Deja Vu Bird Nest Box.  My first box came earlier this week, and I was so excited to dig in and see what was in it! 


The clear packing tape on the box even had birds on it, and that alone excited me – never mind what was actually in there.  I opened the box and was thrilled to find the most perfect scarf, a 40% off coupon, some fun lip balm, and a necklace.  The scarf alone would be worth the price of the box ($25).  It is the perfect lightweight material, and it drapes so beautifully.  I cannot wait to wear it, and I’m pretty bummed that I have hearings at work today that require me to wear a suit, otherwise this would be around my neck all day! 

IMG_3381 IMG_3382

Hopefully I can carve out some time this weekend to shop around on the Deja Vu website and see what I can find to put to use that 40% off coupon.  Sadly, the necklace I got in my box was broken, and I don’t really know if there is a way to fix it.  The scarf is much more my style and was definitely the star of the box for me.  


It seems like box subscriptions are taking over the world these days – there is one for just about anything from beauty products to snacks for your dog.  They are a fun concept, and I’m definitely looking forward to my next two bird nest boxes in March and April.

Thank goodness it is Wednesday and this week is halfway over – see y’all on Friday with my 5!


  1. So fun--stinks the necklace was damaged. Everything is gorgeous!

  2. Oh I love that scarf..very cute! I haven't heard of Bird Nest before but I'm gonna check it out!


  3. i'd love to know what you got next month! awesome post.