Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday – Vol. 24

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.


ONE – today is my Pop’s birthday!  Happy birthday, Pop – I can’t wait to see you in just a couple of weeks.  One of my greatest blessings is how big of a role in my life all my grandparents have played.  I am lucky enough to have all of my grandparents in good health, and I’m so thankful for each one of them!  Love you, Pop!

M&P at CC 

TWO – Austin is finally home!  I obviously haven’t blogged about this, but Austin has been out of town for the past five weeks for work.  I am so thankful that he is back with no more work travel on the horizon!  We will definitely be celebrating his return this weekend.  I hardly have any fun at all when he’s not around, and everything is better now that he is back!  See, crowd surfing at our wedding – what could be more fun?!


THREE – I have a date with my friend Tiffany tomorrow morning to practice our calligraphy – cannot wait for that.  Hopefully we get some good practice in – I’ll try to remember to take some pics of our progress!  Here’s some inspiration I’ve been pinning for us (source):

  calligraphy inspiration (3)

FOUR – Austin got home late last night and brought with him a Valentine’s gift from my in-laws – the cutest gold monogrammed earrings!  I completely adore them and am actually excited to go to work today just so I can wear these! 

mono earrings

FIVE – Scandal is back!  I actually stayed awake for the whole episode last night, and anyone who knows me realizes what an anomaly that is – for me to be awake past 9:00 p.m. shows just how much I love that show!  Do any of y’all watch Scandal?  Who else wants every single thing in Olivia Pope’s wardrobe?  But surely I’m not alone in thinking that they are definitely trying to cover up her real-life pregnancy in last night’s episode.  The clothes were not quite as fun last night, but I still love the show and already can’t wait for next week.  I was so spoiled with seasons one and two just zooming through them on Netflix on my own.  Also, Olivia’s dad completely terrifies me. 


Tomorrow is March 1, and I could not be more thrilled to welcome my birthday month and what I like to think of as the unofficial start of spring… I know technically we still have a few weeks, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to resist breaking out some spring decor around the house this weekend.  And Lord knows I am more than ready to wear spring clothes.  This is the point in the year where I just might scream if I have to wear another sweater or coat. 


Monday, February 24, 2014


Well I’m sad to see another great weekend at home come to an end, but back to work we go!  Our weekend was pretty low key and relaxing, just the way I like it.  We are enjoying all these weekends in Dallas before our weekend travels start up again in March.

Friday night we had our supper club fiesta, which was so fun!  We had delicious fajitas and played a game and got in lots of good visiting – the best way to spend an evening with friends in my book.  Although I did remember to take my camera, I did not remember to take it out of my purse all night.  Maybe in March I can improve upon that! 

Saturday morning I had a Junior League commitment that got me up and out of the house around the same time Austin was headed to work.  After that little meeting was over, I came home and enjoyed catching up on everyone’s Five on Friday posts – one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday morning! 

Austin brought us home some Subway sandwiches for lunch, and then we headed out to enjoy the pretty weather.  We went for a long walk at the Katy Trial, and it felt sooo good outside!  Please stay warm and spring-like, Dallas weather! 


Austin wasn’t feeling 100% on Saturday, so we didn’t make it to a birthday party in Fort Worth that we had originally planned on attending.  We ended our Saturday night with some pancakes and a little TV watching.

Sunday brought church, then a meeting after church, then a short couple of hours at home – just enough time for a mani for me and a nap for Austin – then back to church for our date night!  This week we were given an address within walking distance from the church and told to head that way as soon as we arrived at church Sunday night.  We walked to a building nearby and were given instructions to go up to the rooftop where a fun surprise awaited us.  We walked in to find out that everyone had been given the same address, and we had a super cute s’mores bar, coffee, and amazing views to enjoy for the evening!


IMG_1258 IMG_3428 IMG_3430 


Hoping those delicious s’mores were good fuel for a productive Monday to kick-start this week! 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday – Vol. 23

Happy Friday to all of you and to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.


ONE – My new lunchbox obsession is this southwestern-ish salad (inspired by this one found on Pinterest, of course) that went to work with me three out of five days this week.  I never have a problem eating tons of fruit, but I am trying to make a conscious effort to eat more veggies, and this is a good start! 


{lettuce, red pepper, corn, black beans, cherry tomatoes, avocado (best part!), and cilantro dressing made with greek yogurt}

TWO – We have round 2 of our supper club tonight, and our hosts decided to go with a fiesta theme –I’m so excited! (We hosted our inaugural supper club, and I posted about it here.)  A fiesta is just about the best reason I can think of to skip our newly implemented Friday night pizza tradition.    


THREE -  This post is shaping up to be all about food, but so far this week I’ve been attempting to get back in the habit of logging my meals.  It really helps me to stay aware of what I’m eating when I write it down.  Writing down “5 thin mints” is not nearly as fun as eating 5 thin mints though, I can assure you.  In an effort to eat more veggies and less sugar and carbs, this has been quite eye-opening!

meal tracker 2 

In the past I have used and loved My Fitness Pal, and maybe I’ll get back into tracking my food that way one of these days!  MFP can be pretty time consuming whereas jotting it down is much quicker. 

FOUR – Ok I have nothing more to say about food!  One productive thing I did this week was get on the waiting list for several books at the library.  These are all on my to-read list:

antelope-book-cover  necessarylies 9780451416230_LoveWars_CV2.indd

The Antelope in the Living Room/Necessary Lies/The Love Wars

FIVE – I walked by the Pottery Barn Kids store on my way to run yesterday, and I about died at the bunny goodness they have going on… I mean I want it all!  And I don’t even have any babies yet!!  So so so cute.

PBKvinebunnies PBKvineducks

PeterRabbitplates PeterRabbitteaset

I’m way too ready for my favorite holiday that is still two months away. 

Looking forward to reading lots of good 5 on Friday posts from y’all today and over the weekend!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spring Running

This beautiful and amazing weather we are having in Dallas this week has totally reignited my love of running.  I can tolerate running in the cold, but just barely, so winter is most definitely not my favorite time of year to run.  These recent temperatures in the 60s and 70s are much more suitable for my tastes!  We took advantage of the weather and ran Saturday, and I also squeezed in a run yesterday.  Here’s hoping that the nice weather is here to stay through the spring. 

This picture is from my first 10K with my wonderful running buddy, Laura.  Laura and I were neighbors in Jackson and logged a lot of miles on the roads of Belhaven getting ready for our spring 2011 weddings!  This race was called Chill in the Hills and it was in Vicksburg, MS in January of 2011.  We were freezing! 



I realized yesterday that I have two runs booked for back to back weekends in April, and I’m really looking forward to both.  Our church is hosting a 4 mile Easter run on Saturday, April 19, and my youngest sister and I are doing the Color Up 5K in College Station on Saturday, April 26!  Both races are pretty short distances that I’m already comfortable with, but I’d like to shoot for faster miles, especially in the 4 mile Easter run.  If you live in DFW and are a runner, you should consider the 4 mile Easter run – I think it will be a great time!  There is also a 1 mile fun run option that I’m sure will be a giant parade of strollers full of cute babies – it seems like there has been quite the little baby boom at our church in recent months. 



My main goal for the Color Up run is to have fun with my sister!!  Neither of us have ever done a color run before, and I’m equal parts excited and terrified.  For someone who doesn’t exactly embrace anything messy, this will be different for me… but I’m just going to go with it and make the most of it! 

In the upcoming months I’m going to try to run at least 3 times a week, and I’d like to start making some of my weekend runs longer than my standard 3-4 miles that I do on weekdays.  Hopefully I can drag Austin along for the ride.  This is a really busy time of year for him at work, so he doesn’t have a whole lot of free time for running, but I know being outdoors and doing something active is a nice change of pace from work for him.  We’ve got to enjoy this nice weather while it lasts before we’re all withering in the Texas heat this summer.

Have you ever done a color run?  What should I expect?! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Valentine’s Weekend

My Friday got off to a delightful start when I walked into my office to find that someone had snuck in earlier that morning and left some pretty pink tulips on my desk!  What a sweet Valentine’s Day surprise.  The fact that they matched my nails and sweater made them even more perfect.  I left these pretty little guys there over the weekend, and I’m excited to have them brighten my next few days at work, too. 

tulips 1 tulips 3

Usually for my Monday blog posts I just look at my phone and camera for pictures to remind me of anything noteworthy.  It looks like my manicure held up from this picture I found on the phone (and the mani is still going today I might add!).  My polka dot tights have been one of my favorite things about winter.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super ready for warmer weather to be here to stay, but if it is going to be frigid, having fun tights makes that slightly more bearable! 

Valentine's Mani 2 

We lucked out with some truly gorgeous weather this weekend in Dallas, and Austin and I got in a good run on the Katy Trail on Saturday afternoon.  We both felt pretty out of shape when our three mile run was a lot more challenging than it used to be for us, but it was good to get out there and sweat a little in the pretty sunshine!  The run must have truly wiped us out more than we even realized, because I am telling you the truth when I say I fell asleep watching the Olympics before 8:00 on Saturday night.  Probably closer to 7:30 if we are being totally honest.  That was on the couch, and I was in bed by 8:30.  It was pretty glorious!  I woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning and considered staying up for the day, but I managed to doze back off, thank goodness. 

Sunday at church was wonderful as usual.  Our preacher is going through the book of Romans right now, and I’m learning so much.  We are still in chapter 1, and I’ve learned something new every week of the study so far.  At the end of our service, several babies were dedicated – I always love those Sundays! 

We came home and fixed some burgers and random veggies for lunch.  Austin requested broccoli, roasted brussels sprouts, and corn on the cob, so that is what we had! 

burger 1

I did my most hated chore ever – ironing – for a good part of the afternoon, but having the Olympics on in the room and having Austin in there with me, even though he was working, made the ironing a bit more tolerable.  I finished the dreaded ironing just in time for us to get ready to go back to church for our Sunday night discipleship class. 

Our class is called the Marriage Project, and it is 10 Sunday nights in the winter/spring.  We do a different fun activity or date every week.  You may remember that we’ve done a scavenger hunt, and last week the activity was a cooking class.  Last night we played Family Feud, and it was so fun!  Everyone’s competitive side definitely came out, and games with friends are just always a fun time. Our instructions for next week are to meet at church at a designated time, and we were told to dress “date night dressy.”  We never know exactly what we’re going to be doing until Sunday night, so we always have a fun surprise on Sunday nights!

Well that about sums up our weekend – it was very relaxing and fun.  We have round 2 of our super club and a birthday party that we’re already looking forward to for this coming weekend!  Our warm weather in Dallas looks like it is going to stick around for a few days, so I’m hoping that will help make for a good week.   

Happy President’s Day! (I’m super jealous if you are off of work today – i.e. my sister!)

Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday - Vol. 22

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy Friday to all!  I’m extra excited for this 5OF because (a) it is Valentine’s Day, (b) 22 is my favorite number, and (c) we are having the most amazing weather in Dallas and (d) we have a clear weekend ahead with no plans.  I’m sorry to any east coasters reading who are currently buried in snow and ice!

Let’s dive right in, shall we?!

ONE - #TEAMTEDDY – The hostesses of 5 on Friday asked all of us that join their fun link up to make Team Teddy our first picture this week to bring awareness to Menkes Syndrome.  This post has loads more information about this rare syndrome for which currently no cure exists.  Today we are rallying behind the Fish family to show our support for their son Teddy. 

I’m always up for calligraphy practice these days, so of course my first thought was to incorporate that into my #TeamTeddy picture. 

TWO – Valentines for all!  I posted my envelopes earlier this week, and now I think all are safely in the hands of the recipients, so hopefully I’m not ruining anyone’s surprise.  Like I said, I’m having a hard time focusing on much else other than calligraphy this week!

 THREE – I am fully immersed in the Valentine’s spirit today, and even my nails are sporting a festive mani.  I was super tickled when my nails matched my scarf yesterday, and I can’t wait to find the pinkest thing in my closet to wear today. 

FOUR – Today at work should be a pretty good day – we are having a Valentine’s pot luck, and I’m bringing my aunt’s delicious corn dip that is oh so tasty.  BUT, I’m most looking forward to pizza night with my Valentine at home watching season 2 of House of Cards tonight!  Welcome back, Frank & Claire.   

FIVE – I am hosting a baby shower for a friend in April, and the planning is beginning!  I’m also helping with an engagement party in March, and I’m keeping my eye out for any cute decorating ideas for that.  Pinterest can be a little overwhelming because there are SO many fun ideas and details that could be a cute addition to any shower or party, I sometimes find it hard to narrow it down and pick just a few. 

Since the baby shower will be smack-dab in the middle of spring and close to Easter, I’m loving these images for inspiration. 

And every party needs a good garland – I’m thinking I may need to make a fun garland for the engagement party and one for the shower – I see a trip to Michael’s and/or Hobby Lobby in my future :) 
A big Valentine’s Day thank you to the lovely hostesses of 5 on Friday - A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hooray for Wednesday

Wednesday is my favorite day of the week, other than Friday of course, because it generally always means that things are on the downhill slope for me at work – my Mondays and Tuesdays are always my busiest days, and I always welcome Wednesday with open arms.  Also, the weekend is in sight! 


I had a hard time letting go of these pretties that went in the mail earlier this week.  I’m dying to post the insides of these beauties, but that will have to wait until Friday when they’ve all hopefully been received.  Really and truly, I kept these on my desk until the mail was about to leave for the day just so I could stare at them.  The stamps and the pink envelopes and my beginner calligraphy was making me quite happy.  I had the best night practicing my calligraphy and making some valentines earlier this week.  That needs to become a regular occurrence in my weeknight evenings.   


The one hiccup in my week so far is some technology drama – ugh, the worst!  The wi-fi on my phone just stopped working a few weeks ago, and after a visit to the Apple store earlier this week I found out that my only option is to get a new phone, which, let’s be honest –there is never a convenient time for that, but considering I’m smack dab in the middle of our contract and not technically eligible for an upgrade makes things even less fun. 

Oh, and at the Apple store they wiped my phone completely clean with the promise that I could restore everything from my last backup, which was just last weekend on iTunes.  I tried last night and none of my apps came back, so I’m kind of bummed about that.  But all my pictures and contacts are there, which is a good thing.  Thank goodness for Instagram, Feedly, and Pinterest on my iPad.  I am not even all that tech-savvy, so I’m hoping Austin may be able to find some trick to get them back for me – cross your fingers for me!   

See y’all on Friday with my 5!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Party Pics by iPhone

We kicked off our weekend with pizza night and the opening ceremonies from Sochi on Friday night.  The decision was made that Friday night pizza night is going to be a new tradition – I am 100% on board with that!  After long work weeks for both of us, we didn’t make it through the entire opening ceremony, but it was fun to watch some of it.  I felt really bad for the poor person who was in charge of those snowflakes that expanded into rings when only four did what they were supposed to do! 

Our day on Saturday consisted of work for Austin and some errands for me.  The Junior League volunteer fair was Saturday, and I went to that to learn more about some of the agencies and start thinking about what my placement might be for next year.  The fair was at Northpark, so I popped into a few stores afterwards. I then met a friend for lunch at Breadwinners which is always a treat!  I made a few more stops after leaving the mall, and then came home.  Austin got home shortly after I did, and Saturday night we went to our Sunday school party at our friends Todd and Ali’s house.  Ali had everything decorated so so cute!  I couldn’t believe I forgot my real camera, but I couldn’t resist taking some iPhone pics.

photo 3 (2) photo 2 (1)

photo 1 (1) photo 1 (2)

photo 1

photo 2 (2) photo 3 (1)

photo 5 (1) photo 2

photo 3 photo 5

We had a baked potato bar with every single yummy thing you can possibly think of to go on top of a baked potato, Valentine’s petit fours, Shirley Temples and cute bottled root beer to sip, and Ali even sent us home with the most fun and festive party favors.  She is such a wonderful hostess, and I’m so thankful she heads up all things social for our class! 

We played Cranium after dinner and ended up staying out pretty late (for us) on a Saturday – Sunday morning came mighty early!  We went to church as usual and then had a meeting afterwards.  Our Sunday afternoon was pretty productive, and it was nice to have a little bit of time at home.  The weekends just fly by so quickly, and I kind of can’t believe that it is already Monday again.  Hope y’all have a great week!