Sunday, January 26, 2014

Six on Sunday

Happy happy “5 on Friday!”  I am a quite late with my post this week, so I’m going to make this a “Six on Sunday,” but I'm pretty glad I waited since I got a very pleasant surprise on Friday and I’ve been out of town visiting my family so far this weekend, and family time always trumps blogging in my book!


Linking up as usual with the four fabulous ladies who created this little Friday fun-fest: A.Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, The Good Life, and Hello Happiness

ONE - our supper club is met for the first time Friday night! I was watching the clock all day at work just getting more and more ready for the fun to begin.  Here's a peek at the table... I just love eucalyptus.  After arranging this in our julep cups for the table my hands smelled so good all day!  More supper club details coming in tomorrow’s post. 


TWO - So, my very happy surprise that I mentioned above was the email I received from Simply Seleta notifying me that I WON her recent giveaway for a 3 month subscription to Deja Vu Bird Nest Box.  Y'all, I have never won a giveaway before, but I have also never been so excited by a giveaway - there are so many things involved that just make my bird-loving heart go crazy.  Click here for more info on the Bird Nest Box subscription and to visit their cute website.  (Side note: I really wish that I could get the smiley emoji  with heart eyes on my laptop keyboard like it is on my iPhone keyboard.  It is by far my fave emoji, and I would use it right now to convey my feelings for this box.)  

DejaVu BNB

THREE - as if I could love my Simplified Planner any more.. I got the brilliant idea to display my 2014 goals on the inside cover and attached them with this presh green and white striped washi.  I die at the cuteness!  Plus, those stamps are perfection.  So perfect, in fact, that I don't really love putting them on mail and actually using them... I want to keep them all.

planner peek 

FOUR - I just can't get calligraphy off my mind after Wednesday's class (full post here!).  I'm so ready to have some down time to practice, and I really need to also consult my mom for some tips, since she does know how to do calligraphy, too.  I penciled in some practice time next Saturday, and I’m already looking forward to it.       


FIVE – We are in a discipleship class at our church (I may have mentioned last week?), and tonight all we have been told about class is that we need to wear “active” clothes (i.e. tennis shoes) and that we will be using Instagram.  I’m so intrigued!

SIX -  Major blogger fail, but I didn’t take a single picture of my gorgeous sister last night at her pageant.  The lighting in a dark auditorium where the pageant was held was less than ideal for picture taking, I’m sure you can imagine.  And also I was a bit miffed at the outcome of the pageant (that’s a huge understatement – she was robbed!).  BUT, she nailed her piano piece, looked amazing in her gown, and made the top 5, and we are all so incredibly proud of her.  It was a wonderful day because I got to spend time with my parents and sisters and also see some of our grandparents.  My grandmother who lives the farthest south of any relatives I have actually could not come to the pageant because of the icy and snowy conditions in south Louisiana, and we missed having here there to complete our group. 

We are meeting some friends at the park before church tonight, and I’m going to sign off now to go get the rest of our week mapped out with my favorite Sunday afternoon ritual


  1. Calligraphy class sounds like so much fun! I have those same stamps - when I was at the post office buying them I asked the (very manly) guy working the counter for the prettiest flower stamps they had in stock. They're so gorgeous!

  2. Sounds like a great week - I was admiring your calligraphy pic on IG, that is awesome that you're taking a class! And I can't wait to hear more about supper club, sounds awesome!

    jess | Quaintrelle

  3. Pretty cool you are master calig. Write your husband a love letter- I think he would love that. And, pretty cool you are doing a disciple class that seems to make things fun! Glad your weekend was a good one.

  4. Oh wow, Lauren Essl is teaching your class?!? She did a printing press demo at Fort Worth Anthropologie a few years ago and seemed like such a neat lady. Another Aggie, if I'm remembering correctly! :)

    1. Letter press, not printing press!

    2. Yes - another Aggie! She was amazing - and crazy good at calligraphy, and from the looks of her studio, letter press as well. She lives in Ft. Worth but I don't think she offers any classes there right now. I started following her blog and it seems that she travels quite a bit and really teaches them all over the place!