Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It’s 2014!

Happy January 1 blog world.  It is the most promising day of the year.  A true clean slate.  The last few days of December always seem to drag on and on, and I get so antsy to turn the page and start fresh.  So, I welcome you, 2014, with all of your promise and newness and excitement! 

Last year, Austin and I made two big resolutions - (1) be more old fashioned & (2) run a 1/2 marathon.  We are holding on to number one as it served as a great reminder and motivator all year.  There is always room to be even more old fashioned in 2014.  As for goal number two, I’m considering it accomplished.  We ran a 20K in September after training for several weeks.  I know that a 20K is technically .7 miles short of a half marathon, but I’m rounding up.  I’m pretty positive after running 12.4 miles, we could have kept going for less than one mile more.  Running another long distance race like that is something I’d love to do again, maybe even in 2014. 

For my 2014 resolutions, I came across a fun pin that I thought would make for a good blog post and jumping off point for the new year. 


A bad habit to break = spending $$ on afternoon coffee.  More often that I’d like to admit, I give in to the temptation to grab coffee on my way back to my office from hearings when I’m out and about during the day.  This needs to stop!  My new plan is to make a batch of my mom’s chai tea this week and take a mason jar full of that to work to keep in my desk for an afternoon hot drink. 

A new skill I’d like to learn = calligraphy!  My parents gave me a introductory calligraphy class as a Christmas gift.  It is later this month, and I’m super excited! 

A person I hope to be more like = I’m going to say my great grandmother, but I really mean her and all the other women in my family that have been examples for me of godly wives, really great cooks, and good homemakers. 

A good deed I will do = Hopefully my involvement with the Junior League will lead to many good deeds this year.  I’m excited for the volunteering that I’ll do in Dallas in 2014! 

A place I’d like to visit = somewhere in the mountains.  This year I’d love to head west and go somewhere in Colorado or Montana.   

A book I’d like to read = Rising Tide by John M. Barry about the great Mississippi flood of 1927 and how it changed America.  I borrowed this book from my dad several months ago, and it has just been sitting on my bedside table.  This is the year it gets read!

A letter I’m going to write = my youngest sister will be going to college this fall, and I remember writing my middle sister a letter when she graduated high school, so I think I’ll be doing the same thing later this year for Mary Katherine.  Hopefully I can at least do the addressing in calligraphy by then!

A new food to try = I might consider letting Austin take me on a sushi date.  MIGHT.  I’m in the tiny minority of people who don’t eat sushi. It doesn’t appeal to me at all, but Austin’s been begging me to try it for years.  We’ll see…

I’m going to do better at = limiting my screen time.  I haven’t quite quantified this resolution or figured out what my exact limitations will be, but there has to be less iPhone/iPad time in my life in 2014. 

Happy New Year everyone!  I’m off to get started on our ham, black eyed peas, and cabbage for lunch later today. 

Oh, one last thing – GIG ‘EM AGS!!!  Did y’all see that amazing game last night?? 

CFA bowl Johnny


  1. I LOVE this post! I may have to copy it this week! :) What a great way to welcome in 2014! Hope your day has been truly phenomenal & the year to come will be even better!