Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Things

Hello friends! 

It absolutely blows my mind that Christmas is in less than a week.  It seems like Thanksgiving was just the other day?!  I don’t know of a December that has ever flown by this quickly.  I can promise you that no December in law school ever went by at this speed – those couple of weeks during finals seemed to pass a a glacial pace.

I’ve been soaking up our tree every moment that we’re at home, but I’m already planning our big cleaning and un-decorating day, which I love and hate at the same time.  It is so nice to start the new year with a spotless house, but the post-Christmas clean is always a big undertaking.  But, I am getting a little ahead of myself here!  Here are some bits of Christmas cheer that have been collecting on my camera for the past few weeks.  TP

First up, our Christmas card!  These finally came in at the end of last week, and I got them in the mail on Saturday, which still feels so late.  Well, for some crazy reason, we have not gotten mail since last Thursday – yes, a whole week.  I have a sinking feeling that these haven’t even left the drop box yet, and that makes me so sad!  Finally after a week of no mail, I think I’ll give USPS a call today – that may not do a bit of good, but I’m starting to get worried.  So to any friends and family reading, I’m so sorry if your card is delayed!

IMG_3186  IMG_3191

A few happy gifts under our tree!  I decided not to buy any new wrapping paper this year and to just use what we had from previous years.  I went overboard with this bird paper the year I bought it – shocking I know.  And even after using more this year, I still have an entire giant roll left.  We may be using this paper for the next 10 years!

As much as I love the birds, this gold paper is my favorite.  It is so festive, and almost “dressy,” if wrapping paper can be such a thing. 

IMG_3190  IMG_3172

How fab is that giant wreath?  It is so massive, and I took a picture of it at church this weekend.  We have trees and wreaths like this galore all over the place at church.  I love it! 

Last night we went to a Christmas program at church put on by the various children's choirs.  It doesn’t get much cuter than little ones dressed up in precious Christmas outfits singing Christmas songs!  Our Sunday school teachers had four of their five children performing, and they were the main ones we were there to watch.  We took the three oldest girls a little Christmas surprise, and I didn’t take a picture but their mom Jessica did, so I’ll have to get her to send me a copy.  I had fun putting together a little goody bag for them.  Now there is talk of us getting together for a “spa day” with their new nail polish.  They are just the cutest!

IMG_3154 IMG_3151

IMG_3152 IMG_3149

Happy Thursday peeps!  This is my last full day of work before being off for Christmas, and I’m getting so excited.  Tomorrow my office is closing early for our Christmas party – woo hoo!  See y’all tomorrow for 5 on Friday. 

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